The Good Wife: Hitting the Fan

E: I’ve been terrified of this episode; excited, yes, but terrified of the storm of emotion, the humiliation, the aftermath of betrayal.  Especially after last week, where even Cary came out looking like a buffoon.  I lost faith that Florrick/Agos would ever be a reality – I feared that Will’s rage and heartbreak would drown them all.

But instead, “Hitting the Fan” turned out to be the most kick-ass, thrilling, edge-of-your-seat, fierce and uncompromising episode this brilliant show has ever aired, and I am just incredibly pumped.

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Castle: Sibling Musings on “Number One Fan” and “Time Will Tell”

M: So, schedules got in the way of us being able to really tear into the past two episodes (6×04 and 6×05) in a timely manner. So, as dutiful bloggers, we decided that rather than putting very late, standard recaps that match what you could find elsewhere, we’d discuss the bigger issues of the two episodes. We’ll throw in some recap/review, but that’s not the overall focus here.

C: No, we have a really big quibble.

E: And not with each other, for once.

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The Good Wife: A Precious Commodity

E: Let’s play a game as we go back through this episode together.  How many ways can we interpret the title?  How many precious commodities can we guard or lose in the course of 43 minutes?  I can think of quite a few off the top of my head, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

There’s so much going on in this episode that I can’t help wishing some bits of the case were a little more fleshed out. And I have more than a few quibbles with the obstetrics; be warned that I go a little library ninja on a few topics.  But between the complete devastation at the firm, some well utilized guest stars and the hot button case of the week, we have a hell of a lot to talk about.

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Castle Review: “Need to Know”

E: Now that is more like it!  I have to say, it was a profound relief to be back where we belong.  Castle with Martha, with Alexis, with Ryan and Esposito.  Being funny.  I almost cried.

C: After 3 episodes, Season 6 finally feels like Castle again. Whew. It wasn’t a phenomenal episode but it was a familiar one, and when you enjoy a show’s formula as much as I like this one’s, that’s good news.

M: Interesting. I was not nearly as enamored as E was, though I found parts of it to be quite fun and enjoyable. I agree with C that the formula we enjoy so much was back, but I kind of despised some of what they did. Most of all, I felt like it was really, really lazy.

E: I wouldn’t say I was enamored (more like relieved to find they could still execute their formula), but isn’t lazy Castle still an enormous improvement over Castle trying to be Homeland Security?

M: Well, that’s certainly a fair point.

C: I’m curious to know what you despised, M. And what you liked so much, E. Most of it was good enough to me. There was just one thing that annoyed, which I’ll save to mention later.

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The Good Wife: The Bit Bucket

E: I’m starting to wonder if the mission of this show is to make me hate my government.  When was the last time you saw something as depressing as the two callow “geniuses” sitting in the (fictional) NSA listening to phone calls, violating privacy and civil liberties without even an attempt at outside research or nuance or context?  Of course, it might be the end of this episode, where a beloved character sells out their present for their dreams.  Oh, the sweet torment that is The Good Wife!

On the upside, there were some fantastic and exciting guest stars to enjoy.  Also, the noose tightens, and my heart breaks.  Twice.

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The Good Wife: Everything Is Ending

E: What, no five word titles for season five?  I admit I was not a fan of that cutesy nomenclature in the beginning, but after four seasons of full on commitment I find it very strange of them to quit now.  The five word constraint must have been really awkward.

In other news, there’s no talk of commitment ceremonies and Hawaii (what happened to time off, Peter?), but we do set up themes for the season – endings, beginnings, betrayal, temptation – as well as a bit of a timeline.  Two weeks until Peter takes office, three weeks until Florrick, Agos & Associates becomes a reality, and Lockhart/Gardner comes crashing down.

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