Fall 2015 Television Preview: Sunday

C: Late, bruised, and crawling toward the finishing line after a full week of previews, we reveal the ace up our sleeves, the man behind the curtain, the best wine saved for the drunkest wedding guests… I may be floundering for a metaphor here. The point is, we’re ending instead of starting with Sunday, and Sunday night TV is actually good.

E: Sunday night TV is sooo good; it’s definitely top shelf.  This is the night that the heavens are bright with small screens and television stars.  The night when every channel has its A game on.  This is the most ridiculously overstuffed night of awesome TV we got.

C: Even I — yes, I! — will reveal that there’s a show on TV that I’m still watching from last year, and it’s on Sundays.

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Fall 2015 Television Preview: Friday and Saturday

M: Hi again folks, and welcome to the Relatively Entertaining 2015 Fall TV Preview: Sparsely Populated Weekend Night When Networks Assume Everyone Is Going Out Edition.

C: Don’t you feel like, in the age of DVR (for your age group) and catching-it-online-later (for mine), networks could start giving air time on Friday and Saturday nights to the kind of quality shows that don’t bring in big ratings but do have cult fan bases or strong binge-watching potential? What they lose in ad revenue they would, you’d think, make up later in sales of DVDs, tie-in products, licensing rights, syndication, etc. It seems like that ought to be a better long-term investment than some of the garbage they air on these nights because it’s cheap to make.

E: Absolutely.  Why aren’t we running a network again?  Because these few days are pretty thin.  Some years, we haven’t even done a preview for Saturday.  I think by now, though, cable is making enough of an effort that we can put the day back on the map, even if it’s still not got a significant enough schedule to merit its own post.

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Fall 2015 Television Preview: Thursday

E: Welcome to the Relatively Entertaining 2015 Fall Preview, Thursday night edition. And now, feel the power of Shonda Rhimes.  Feel it.  Feel it, I say!

C: No. I shall not. You may take my life, but you’ll never take my dislike of Rhimes’s self-absorbed characters.

M: FREEEEEDOOOOOOMMM!!!! I refuse to bow to the shrine of Shonda!

E: Good luck watching anything on ABC, then.

C: Okay, so I do think it’s valuable that Hollywood feels her power, in terms of representation and diversity. But I’ve never seen anything she wrote that I enjoyed.

M: I agree it’s important that Hollywood feel the power of representation and diversity. Like you, I just happen to think she’s a horrible vessel for it.

E: Hey, you take what you can get. Speaking of which, Thursday seem to be a very light day on cable.  Is Rhimes so powerful that she’s intimidated all the other content providers?  That’s not a serious question, but there’s definitely something up. Friday and Saturday teem with cool cable shows, overwhelming the paltry network offers, but on a Thursday?  Eerie silence.

C: Doesn’t that make perfect sense? Thursday night is a classic live-TV-watching night, while a lot of people watch cable shows on DVR, on demand, or online.

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Fall 2015 Television Preview: Wednesday

M: Welcome to the third installment of the Relatively Entertaining 2015 Fall TV Previews! In case you missed them here are links to our previews of Tuesdays and Mondays.

E: What to say about Wednesdays?  There’s the requisite amount of sitcoms, but the pendulum definitely swings away from reality tv and toward science fiction.

C: Also, there’s not a lot that we’re interesting in watching.

E: Wednesday: the night watch whatever’s piling up on your DVR.

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Fall 2015 Television Preview: Tuesday

M: Welcome back to the Relatively Entertaining 2015 Fall TV Previews! We’re moving on to Tuesday, after a rousing fare of shows set to air on Mondays.

C: Yes, but rousing what, is the question… And if you answered, “my anger,” well, we’ve got nothing on par with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for you today, but smarmy masculinist culture still makes an appearance. Happily, so do Rob Lowe and the Muppets!

M: Pretty sure “masculinist” isn’t a word, so let’s move on from it.

C: Good grief, the very least you could do is use google.

E: Okay, this is a TV preview, not a debate among lexicographers, siblings! Tuesdays bring us a little less reality TV and a combination of sitcoms, science fiction and procedurals.

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