Chuck Review: “Chuck Vs. The Suitcase”

E: Now that’s more like it.

M: You think so?  I though it was a bit on the right track, but it was too focused on the Chuck/Sarah relationship for my liking.  First of all, I know it was the title of the episode, and turned out to be a metaphor, but seriously, I couldn’t give a crap if she unpacks her suitcase.  I don’t watch Chuck to see relationship drama, I watch it to see goofy, geeky action-comedy.  The Chuck-Sarah relationship is good as a few minutes mixed into an episode sidebar – it should NOT be the main focus.

E: Huh.  I don’t really agree with that.  Chuck/Sarah is essential to the show!  I wasn’t in love with the suitcase metaphor, but on the other hand, I did think it was a reasonable dilemma.  I can see why you might want more mama drama, but as you know I was disappointed with the tone of last week’s episode, and this felt more like the Chuck I love.

C: I’ll agree with both of you; this was a more satisfying episode overall, but Sarah’s inability to commit is not high on my list of interests.  Seeing them do their awesome spy thing together?  Now that I love.  Particularly when they wear really nice clothes while they’re kicking butt!

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Grey’s Anatomy: With You I’m Born Again

E: So we’re back, and there’s a lot right in the world.  And there’s a lot that’s still broken.  Much of the episode is spent in a therapist’s office at the hospital, where James Tupper’s trauma specialist (Dr. Andrew Perkins) made me miss Amy Madigan.  You remember, the one who coached Meredith and Owen through their near death experiences?  Anyway, this guy isn’t super insightful, because he thinks everyone is functional except Meredith and Cristina, even when most of the other surgeons are clearly way more nuts than – well, than Meredith, anyway.  Cristina is actually nuts, I’ll give him that.  Everyone flashes back to the trauma, and their reactions to it in the last month. We find out that 18 people were shot and 11 died, though of course we still only know that Percy and Reed died and that Derek and Alex and Owen lived.  Most of the doctors get cleared for surgery, despite psychotic breakdowns and various types of acting out. We get what just might be the grossest surgery we’ve ever seen on this show.  We get a lot of tears, and quite a bit of nastiness.

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Fringe Review: Olivia

M: As I mentioned in the Thursday edition of the Fall Preview, Fringe is replacing LOST as my show to obsess over this season.  Over the past two years Fringe has hooked me, and at times actually supplanted LOST as my favorite show.  With LOST having ended, I am free to embrace Fringe as my favorite show without any guilt.  Now, if you haven’t watched the first to seasons, let me try to explain what has happened.  No, there is too much, let me sum up. Continue reading

TV Review: The Event

E: One of Monday’s new shows, The Event aims for water cooler buzz with a large scale mystery.  This sort of ensemble drama has been notoriously hard to pull off.  Will they be the new Lost?  Could it be the next The Nine (brilliant but canceled) or the next Flash Forward (full of promise but ultimately disappointing)?  Heck, even Lost got lost for a while.

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