The Good Wife: What Went Wrong

E: How do you win friends and influence people?  In some ways, this episode is an exercise in the art of motivation, in the intricacies of influence.  How to do you persuade people to do what you want when they don’t want to?  Do you befriend them?  Feed them information?  Seduce them?  Do you cajole, paste a smile on your face, play by the rules?  Do you exert your political influence in non-political situations? Do you hold grudges? Do you threaten? And if you do, with what?

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Golden Globe Nominations/Reactions 2011/12 Season

E: Those Globes are tricky, all right.  They never do what you expect.  One movie I assumed was a drama, the Hollywood Foreign Press didn’t.  Several times, they considered someone lead who’d been campaigned as supporting, and vice versa.   They had a couple nominations that totally surprised, and a lot of omissions.  But hey, it’s still good times.  Let the party begin!

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Golden Globe Predictions 2011/2012

E: Ah, the Golden Globes.   They’re so tricky.  We’ve got comedies, and we’ve got dramas, but sometimes it’s not an easy thing to tell the difference.  I’m only making guesses; it could easily turn out that what I think is a comedy isn’t, and vice versa.  (Who’d have called The Tourist as a comedy last year?)   The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (the givers of Hollywood’s second most prestigious and long standing movie awards) have complicated tastes.  They love the big stars.  Sometimes, they’ll toss in an extra nomination just to have somebody glitzy at their party.  Sometimes they’ll nominate completely insane movies (see again: The Tourist) for the same reason.  But they also like being a little edgy.  They love anointing the next big thing.  They like movies with a little less bombast than the Academy;  they’ll go for Sense and Sensibility over Braveheart. Sometimes, they’ll decide someone’s really a lead actor when their studio has deemed them insufficiently famous to make that category.  All of which makes them an odd blend of predictable and surprising.

Thursday morning, all the speculation will end.  Thursday morning, we’ll know the answers.  Meantime, here are my best guesses about the bunch of folks in the hunt:

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December Movie Preview

E: This is my month, baby.  Between blockbusters and Oscar flicks, there’s (debatably) no better month for movie fans.  It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

M: In years when Peter Jackson movies based on Tolkien stories are coming out I’m with you.  Most years, though, you can have December.  I’ll take May, June or July.

E: You’ll take this December and you’ll like it!

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