Grey’s Anatomy: These Arms of Mine

E: Oh, Grey’s  – thanks.  Thank you.

This was a good episode.

You know, I kind of wish they’d done this Boston Med style documentary to start the new season.  I guess I know why they didn’t, but it was actually better than the histrionics of the previous episodes, at least for me.  Sure, there was the usual relationship drama, and bragging, and more than one brandnewamazingneverbeforedone surgeries.  But.  It was poignant, but for the first time in a long time, it was also restrained.

And that was a very good thing.  It made the high points more inspiring, and the low points more devastating.  And before you start talking about Grey’s signature over the top humor and melodrama, I’m going to ask you to go back to the first few seasons.  The show has become more cartoony as it’s gone on, and has been forced to resort to shootings and getting George run over by a bus in order to keep us watching.  So oddly enough, I feel like the total format change actually brought Greys back to its roots.

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Chuck Review: “Chuck Vs. the Aisle of Terror”

M: Chuck definitely continued reeling me back in after the shaky start to the season. This was not, in my opinion, one of the best episodes ever, but it was solid, and moved in the right direction on a lot of fronts. One of which was the use of guest star Robert “Freddy Kreuger” Englund. In his first scene he was better used than all of Christopher Lloyd’s scenes last season combined.

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Castle Review: “3XK”

E: Wow, guys, this was an atypically serious episode of Castle.  There was very little of the regular wordplay to it. Brava to them for changing things up and taking a risk, but I’m not thrilled about how it turned out.

C: Yeah, heavy stuff.  A serial killer who targets young blonde women and kills three in a week – once that was established, it was clear they were going to have two deaths to investigate but prevent the third.  And yes, they save a third woman – but the killer gets away! So we know that even if they catch him in a future episode, it will only be because he’s killed again.  That’s atypically depressing stuff for Castle – more of a typical Bones move.

M: I thought that it was in the same vein as the two-parter last season with Dana Delaney, a very heavy episode with a few bits of comedy and wit thrown in, but overall a darker, more serious episode.

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Grey’s Anatomy: Almost Grown

E: I’ve been sorting through why this episode seems just kind of meh, and I think I know.  It’s the patients.  What can we do to get a good, truly moving patient story?  And, please, dear God, can we be done with Cristina walking around like a zombie?  Last week, she seemed to make an effort.  This week, it was right back to catatonia.  Don’t get me wrong, I know PTSD isn’t something you get over easily.  But the way she’s reacting, it’s a real frustration.

On the other hand, there was definitely stuff to like.  Owen had some lovely moments. Derek was moving and inspirational.  And Meredith kicked butt.  If we can say that Crist  And like Bailey, I can’t help wondering just where The Chief got that extra cash.  At least finding that out is something to look forward to!

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