The Good Wife: Wanna Partner?

E: As season finales go, the joys and sorrows of Wanna Partner felt pretty subtle.  Of course, we’ve already had the major action of the season; Alicia won and then lost the election, reconnected with and then lost her firm, lost and then reconnected with herself.  Kalinda’s gone, Bishop’s in jail, Cary’s out of jail but nursing a broken heart.  It’s was all already out there.  The real issue that’s left is how Alicia’s going to put her life together; how she’s going to move forward from here.  What’s she going to do next?  And we got some great insights into that, but did we get a direction?  Far from Cary’s thrilling offer of two years ago, Louis Canning’s unexpected proposal simultaneously alarmed and bored me.

But before we get to all that, there are a few props to give out.  Kalinda took care of business one last time and looked great doing it.  Fascinatingly, we got a bunch of do overs.  Things got said that should have been said (in some case) years ago.  The State’s Attorney’s race debacle gave Alicia permission to finally, finally, take ownership of her own life.  And all this begs the question: if that loss has put Alicia where I’ve always wanted her to be — fully in charge of herself, listening to the best parts of herself instead of other people or her strangling perceptions of what other people might want — then was all the crap we went through this season worth it?  Let’s hope she continues to use her superpowers for good – and let’s go through this last stage of getting there.

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The Good Wife: Don’t Fail

E: We thought we saw Alicia start from nothing before.  First, with Will helping her to a job at his firm, swimming her way out of Peter’s scandal.  Later, stealing Will’s clients with Cary, trading on her husband’s reputation for money and prestige.  This time, there’s only Alicia and her experiences and her wit to save her; and if she fails, there’s no back up. There is no try, Alicia Florrick.  There is only do.  Or do not.

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Avengers Assemble: May 2015 Movie Preview

E: Yipeee yipee yipee!  May is the popcorniest of popcorn movie months, and this May is going to be five weekends worth of awesome. (Although to be fair that may mean me seeing a few of these movies more than once.)

M: I was going to say, I didn’t see five movies I felt were must-see-in-the-theater movies. Three or Four, maybe.

E: Sadly, C will not be joining our conversation this month, so we won’t know how many movies she’d put on her must see list.

M: On a happier note, she’s winning awards and traveling to foreign lands!

E: And these proud older sibs will endeavor to be at least relatively entertaining without her.

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The Good Wife: The Deconstruction

E: “The women whom I love and admire for their strength and grace did not get that way because sh*t worked out.  They got that way because sh*t went wrong, and they handled it.  They handled it a thousand different ways on a thousand different days, but they handled it.  Those women are my superheroes.”

Looks like the writing team has been reading a little Elizabeth Gilbert, doesn’t it?  In this exquisitely torturous game of dominoes, everything Alicia’s built over nearly six years falls down.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let us begin at the very beginning. Let us begin with our renewal.  Not just destruction, but deconstruction; pulling our characters’ lives into their component parts.

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