The Good Wife: On Tap

E: From the moment the Previously on The Good Wife” scenes began to air, I started screaming.  The deleted voice mail!   Witness beating!  Are they really going to deal with two of the biggest threads out there, on this very night?

And then the episode aired.  Wait, are they bringing him back?  Eeek, and her!  And, oh no, what are you thinking!  Oh God, he didn’t.  He really didn’t.


My poor husband.  For the next hour, he was subjected to assorted howls, yelps, and cries of wonder, horror and delight coming from our living room.  I’m sure he questioned my sanity and my health.  And truth be told, I think my heart might have stopped a few times there.  The writers left it all on the floor.

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Grey’s Anatomy: Slow Night, So Low

E: Thank you.  Just thank you.

I laughed.  I cried.  No, I don’t love Cristina tending bar or raiding Madonna’s closet from 1984, but you know what?  I loved pretty much everything else.

I loved the mother who refused to let her son slip through the cracks.  I love the Chief busting balls in the nighttime.  I love Meredith and Alex taking over for Stark, and not caring a bit when he threatened them and chewed them out.   I love Jackson and Lexie becoming friends, or sort of (and you know she’s going to like him more now that he’s been all dark, nightmare-y, and occasionally cold too her).  I cried over Lucas and Riley.  And I love drunken Bailey more than almost anything I’ve ever seen on this show.

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The Good Wife: Bad Girls

E: I don’t know about you, but I kind of feel like this episode was beautifully wrapped present to the fans.  Alicia back as the center of the episode?  Yes indeed!  Want more Peter?  Got him.  Want more time with the Florrick kids?  Check that wish off the list.  Lovely moments between Will and Alicia, with one of their patented eye contact conversations?  It’s brief, but beautiful.  Missing some of the more colorful and fantastic characters from last season?  Here for your pleasure.  Disastrous seeds planted earlier in the season?   Wreaking the havoc we thought they would. Gasp-inducing betrayals?  Oh, yes.  Oh my, yes.  Thanks, Good Wife team!

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Grey’s Anatomy: Something’s Gotta Give

E: Okay, you’re going to think I’m crazy, but this week the writers did a bunch of things I normally would not be a fan of, and yet I kind of feel like they pulled them off.  We got the inkling of new pairings, all in our tight group of coworkers, and I’m normally inclined to insist they get an EHarmony membership.  We got no fascinating patient characters, which I’s usually be peeved at, but actually found kind of great.  Teddy saves the Middle East peace process by herself, which, again, is something of a stretch.  There was a lot of bad behavior going on this week, and you know, I kind of liked it. It wasn’t terribly showy bad behavior (looks like some of that is on tap for next week) but still, it can be really interesting to see smart people do dumb things, and this week, there were quite a few.

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Fringe Review: 6955 kHz

M: I have to start by saying, I’m torn about this episode.  There was a lot to like, an awful lot to like, in it.  There was a good episodic plot.  There was important overarching information.  There were major discoveries.  There were some classic Walter moments.  There was a huge amount of building up toward the conclusion of the two universes plot.  There was even Marshall from Alias!  The strange thing is, it didn’t all come together for me.  I’m not sure what it was, or wasn’t, or why, but it just didn’t blow me away the way Fringe does when it’s really good, and it was really good just last week. Continue reading