So You Think You Can Dance: Top Six Dance, Two Eliminated – Season 10

E:  Ah.  That was satisfying. Feisty Jesse Tyler Ferguson returns to not actually judge anything. Cat operates on a whole other level – and reveals a shocking personal detail.  Choreographers other than Travis Wall shine.  And we finally hear the format for winning the show!  It all comes together.

This week Cat’s dress is a t-length champagne gown with an art deco feel – the bodice is sleek and beaded and the skirt flows and flirts.  She’s layered a double strand of pearls with silver chains.  Instead of beginning with the group number – which is to say, showing us a pre-recorded segment – she chats before we see it. Actually, it’s likely still pre-recorded, because otherwise the cast would have had to quickly change out of their solo outfits, right?  Oh, I don’t care.  They changed the order of things up, that’s all.  Anyway, before anything else Cat imparts the thrilling news that we will again have two winners, the top girl and guy.  So whoever is left at the end of tonight will have a fifty percent shot at $100k.  Wow.  What’s it like not to worry about the results, Lithgoe, Cat asks, now that they’re out of your hands?  Oh, I’m still going to worry and judge and direct the audience, he says. Alright, she agrees, you can give your opinions.  They just don’t count.  Oooh, sassy Cat!

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So You Think You Can Dance: Season 10, Top Twelve Perform, 2 Eliminated

E: Wake up, folks – it’s Bollywood in Babies R Us!  The guys are in blue tunics with loose pants and gold decorations; the girls are in gold-embroidered pink bikini tops and fluffy gold skirts.  It’s fun.  It’s fast.  It’s flirty.  It’s – holy crap, it’s five guys.  We’re missing a guy.  We’re missing another damn dancer!  What the hell!

And Cat’s been shopping with Macklemore again, because she’s gone all vintage 60s with a long sleeve white mini-dress with leaves all over the bodice, a full skirt and a bow in the front.  Seriously, how does she pull this stuff off?  She’s gorgeous.  Austin Powers would be in love.  Even James Bond would bow before her.  Bowing before her now – Nigel, the “meek and mild” Mary Murphy, and dance movie director, fan of the show and king of the too-complimentary comparisons, Kenny Ortega.  Hey!  We got an industry professional for once!  That’s something, anyway.

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So You Think You Can Dance: Season 10, 14 Perform, 2 Eliminated

E: We’re ever so close to the shape of the tour, So You Think fans.  And we’re far enough along in the season now for contestants to make a second round with certain styles.  We have injuries, heartbreak, dancing choreographers, choreographer contestants, and a certain celebrifan judge whom I was absolutely determined to hate.

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