Castle: Linchpin

E: Well.  That was cool.

M: Remember how last episode we commented on how it was a serious episode, but retained the funny?  Yeah, well, not so much this time.

E: That’s true, but I think it hung together better than most of the serious episodes.  Let’s dig in!

M:  Shovel in hand, sis.

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The Good Wife: Live From Damascus

E: You didn’t think you’d be able to take a big sigh of relief after Kalinda dispatched Wendy and Dana in Another Ham Sandwich, did you?  You didn’t think you’d get to relax and have everything go back to business as usual?  Oh, you foolish, foolish viewer. We have an unusually Alicia-lite episode in the aftermath of Wendy’s last, desperate gambit.  We dance with current events – more technology law and the struggling revolution in Syria.  We get another boatload of recurring characters. Lives are changed forever – dun dun DUN!

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