So You Think You Can Dance: Season 7, episode 1

E: My favorite summer treat is back!

I’m largely a creature of habit.  I didn’t like when they dropped this show into the fall (and them bopped it back and forth from night to night) and I don’t at all know how I feel about them downsizing the top twenty into a top ten.  To get so invested in the auditions, and have such a small number through?  That’s rough. Or adding in the former contestants (much as I love them) and doing away with the long term partnerships, which have been such a pleasure.  And what have you done with Mary Murphy?  I missed the guest judges last season, but to have no Mary, and Mia judging rather than choreographing?  Not happy about it.  No, not sold on the idea at all.

And yet, nervous though I might be, this was still pretty delightful.

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The Good Wife: Running

E: You tricky, tricky show. You tease us with clips of Peter trying to pull Alicia on stage at his press conference, while Alicia is transfixed by Will’s phone call.  There’s the implication that we’ll see her choice.  We spend the week all hopped up on the anticipation. And we don’t!  Of course we don’t. The season ends just like the commercials!  Brilliant.  And evil.

Twists.  Turns.  Innuendo.  Italian food.  Inexplicable omissions.  Lots of ways the different characters are running.  For once, Alicia isn’t the one – at least, isn’t the only one – trying to figure out where her loyalties (and best ethics) lie.  Or deciding which of two lovers most interest her.   The snake totally devours its tail.  Jackie gets into a pissing contest with God.  And even an under utilized Amy Acker is still Amy Acker.  What’s not to love?

Wait.  I know the answer. Waiting about 4 months for a new episode, that’s what.

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LOST Review: The End

M: We have come to the end of Lost.  Before we get into the details and the breakdown, I want to take a moment to take a step back and take in the true impact of the show.  Lost has been the first true TV phenomenon of the internet era.  The first show that captivated audiences in a way that went beyond what they watched on TV, and what they talked about the day after the show.  Lost became the thing that people, myself included as Mrs M can attest, obsessed over.  The thing that we yearned for more information on, but the thing that more information was available for.  We scoured the internet for other people’s theories, or to share our own.  We looked for images of things we may have missed, for the Lost Experience, and for any little scrap we could find.  We looked for a better screen cap of the blast door map, or a translation of the latin written on it.  We looked for someone who knew how to translate hieroglyphics to find out what was in the smoke monster chamber underneath the temple’s outer wall.  We yearned for answers to questions, both large and small, and we yearned to find out what happened to the characters that we came to care about.  In doing so, we helped Lost to change the face of TV.  The bar has been set to a new height.  The level has been raised.  The smoke monster is out of the bottle, and there’s no putting it back.  Every network will be looking for the show that connects with audiences, makes them as rabid as the Lost fan base, and gives them the kind of mysteries to keep them interested throughout the week, the characters to keep them wanting to learn more and more, and the writing to enjoy even the bad episodes.  And every network will flush perfectly good (but not great) shows like FlashForward down the drain before they can take off because they don’t live up to Lost.  It’s a new world. Continue reading

ETV: Grey’s Anatomy – Sanctuary/Death and All His Friends

E: Okay, that was scary as all get out.

Even if, um, I kind of told you so.

Too much happened.  Too many terrifying moments where the killer seemed to be everywhere, threatening too many of our beloved characters (and quite a few extras).   It’s hard to make sense of it all.  Last night I dreamt of hospital killers and surgeries and gunmen lurking in the shadows, and I still feel as if I’ve hardly processed everything I saw.  I barely cried, which isn’t like me, because there was just so blasted much happening, so much, that I couldn’t feel it all at once.  I feel like crying now, though, the morning after.

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The Good Wife: Hybristophilia

E: Going into tonight’s episode, I couldn’t imagine that the episode title would have it’s customary, multilayered relevance.  Usually we have pretty simple words: BangBoomBad.  They don’t get much more complicated than Threesome (which, granted, is complicated enough). But when Diane informs us that a hybristophiliac is a woman pathologically drawn to dangerous men, well, I got it.  Alicia might not be pathological, but there’s nothing safe and cuddly about the men in her life. Peter, Will, Childs, Cary, Eli – even Julius proves he can turn on a dime.  And when you throw in the return of Dylan Baker’s slimy sociopath Colin Sweeney?  That’s a lot of danger, folks.  In other news, Alicia deals with the consequences of last week’s choices, and a major plot engine chugs out of the station.

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