Emmy Nomination Reactions 2015

E:  It’s bad news for the broadcast networks.  It’s bad news for The Good Wife.  But there’s stuff that has me smiling looking at this year’s Emmy nominations anyway.  Let’s chat a little about it, shall we?

For a list of the nominations — and man, there are a lot of them — check out the Emmy website here.

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2014 Fall Television Preview: Wednesday

C: Believe it or not, we’re already half way through the previews.

M: With all the shows on Sunday, and the weak spattering on Friday and Saturday, I think we’re well past half, actually.

E: And as always, if we haven’t included something that you watch or were thinking about watching, please leave a comment and let us know why we’re missing the boat! Here’s a quick key to help you as you read:

  • Titles in blue are new this season
  • Each * means one Quibbling Sibling will be tuning in
  • Click for Sunday‘s post, Monday’s and last but not least, Tuesday’s.

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Top Chef: Boston, It’s Your Home

E and M: Those of you who read us might guess we’d be particularly delighted by the news that the Magical Elves who produce Top Chef are considering having the next season of the show in Boston. What could be better?  They’ve done New York, Chicago, Miami, San Fransisco and the entire state of Texas; can they really go ten seasons without coming here?

So, with that possibility in mind, here are just a few ideas for sites and challenges that the producers can use (we can provide great specifics if you want to chat, Tom Colicchio!).  There are plenty more, but we decided to trim it to *only* our top 25: Continue reading