Top Chef All Stars: Finale Part 4: Finale

M: Now that’s what I’m talking about!  We got a finale where everyone lays it on the line, no one chokes, and there was great food all around.  Now, as a quick warning, if you haven’t watched and don’t want to know who won, well, for the love of God don’t read a review of the finale.  In other words, thar be spoilers here! Continue reading

The Good Wife: Killer Song

E: Coming down from last week’s blockbuster episode, this week’s offering brings a little less intensity.  Though there’s an undercurrent of dread, the goings on are generally more mellow.  Instead, we get two pretty interesting cases of the week, a crazy “back to the 90s” guest star, the foreshadowing of misery, and a Peter sighting – in his own campaign headquarters!  I know, right?  Who’d have thought to look for him there?

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Top Chef All Stars: Finale Part 3: The Last Supper

E: I hate this show.  I seriously hate this show.

M: Really? I thought it was a great episode. I was glad for Richard, and while I clearly would have preferred to see Antonia in the last challenge with him, I was glad that the “twist” of the episode at least gave her a final shot at it. Without the twist it would have been an easier, more clear cut decision for the judges.

E: Well, okay, yes.  BUT.  Do you want me to list all the problems I had with the episode?

M: Why yes, I do. Continue reading

The Good Wife: Ham Sandwich

E: God I love this show.  This mean, vicious, brutal, wonderful show.

So, one of my favorite authors has this great rule for causing drama.  Think of the worst thing you could possibly do to a character.  Then, do it.  Last season it became apparent pretty early on that the writing staff of The Good Wife adore this approach.  Poor Alicia was beset from pretty much every possible angle.  This season, however, she’s recovered a bit of her footing.  Though disappointed romantically, she’s found a way to make her life work for her.  To her battered senses, it’s been stable enough.

Well, not anymore.  This one  – the big secret that was revealed this week, to us though not yet to Alicia – has the potential to knock her down like we’ve maybe never seen.

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