The Good Wife: Unmanned

E: Well. That, ladies and gentleman, is the episode we’ve been waiting all year for — maybe, for some people, the entire series.  That was the beginning of the end.  It feels like this entire season has been that slow, rickety ride up the hill, and now the roller coaster is zooming down, doing twists and turns and loops and shoots.  I kind of regret that I don’t have the time anymore for a transcript style recap, because damn, that was beautiful and heartbreaking and full to the brim of complete game changing insanity.

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The Good Wife: Shoot

E: Well, shoot.  Guest stars continue to shine (this week Blair Underwood as a grieving father), the grand jury investigation of Peter marches on, the show continues to explore hot button, cutting edge legal issues, and Alicia continues to explore her (ahem) relationship with Jason in increasingly risky ways.  Is there any shot that no one snapped a picture of the two of them in that pub?  I’m going to say none.  Where is all of this going?  With only five episodes left to the entire series, surely there’s got to be a turning point – a ramping up of the action – soon.

This week we have five basic plots: the political plot, the work manuevering plot, Grace’s college letter plot, the case of the week and the romance plot.  This was a lot of plotting; some bits were unworthy (sigh, stupid work plot) and some bits were really interesting but got short shrift.  And, yeah, I know, I’m way behind.  Let’s just slip back quietly into the world that was, though, and we’ll be up to speed in no time.

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An Unusual Slate: April 2016 Movie Preview

M: So, let’s see what April has to offer in the way of “major” releases… a Christian movie sequel (a bit of a first), another horrible looking Melissa McCarthy vehicle (cone on Hollywood, she’s funny, let’s get her some good material), a terrifyingly awesome looking new version of an old Disney classic, the Barber Shop crew taking on drive-by shootings, a sequel/prequel (I can’t even tell) to a Snow White movie that wasn’t particularly successful or well reviewed, and another rom-com-interconnected-story-centered-around-a-holiday crapfest. Summer movies can’t get here soon enough.

E: May movies (often the cream of the warm weather crop) can’t get here soon enough. That lot sounds pretty lame.

M: I don’t get it. What’s different between the beginning of May and April? Not even colleges are out of school until late May, and those early May blockbusters don’t usually last into mid-to-late June when lower grades get out. Spread the wealth, already!

E: Yes please!

M: And it turns out, the undercard, the limited releases, contains a pretty enticing looking slate of films. So strange.

E: So C is finishing writing her dissertation this week, and will not be joining us. Better luck to us all preparing for May, when she’ll merely be defending it! Or not so much. Not to mention June, when we’re all preparing for her wedding…

M: Yeah, if you thought the March “preview” was late…. but we digress. On to April’s unusual slate!

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