The Good Wife: Blue Ribbon Panel

E: Who knew friendly Matthew Perry could be so loathsome?  But now we do. This week’s episode is chock full of disappointments for – and disappointing behavior from – Alicia.  The lady wants a seat at the table.  Through her, and through Will and the internecine Lockhart/Gardner fighting, we see just what that gets you. Show, how many times can you break my heart?  It turns out quite a few.

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The Good Wife: Long Way Home

E: For the last few episodes, I’ve been complaining a touch at the lack of Alicia. Well, not anymore.  She got quite a lot too do this week – be disgusted, be wrong, be sorry.  And she got to do something she doesn’t do very often; she cried. If the end of this episode didn’t break your heart, I don’t know why you’re watching this show.

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The Good Wife: After the Fall

E: For yet another Alicia lite episode, I quite enjoyed this break from major angst.  It’s always a pleasure to see our lawyers outside of the office, and boy did we get a lot of that!  Not one but two utterly overbearing sisters for Will (one high powered, one a bit daffy) with some quick insights but also some rather wonderful misunderstandings.  We had a moderately interesting case and a lot of internecine power moves in what, let’s face it, could have been the best uses of the glass walls all year.

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