Golden Globes: Nominations and Reactions (plus SAG and what this all means)

E: Good morning, friends!  It’s a fine day for some nominations.  See who got lauded by the Hollywood Foreign Press, who got snubbed,  and what this all means for the Oscar races.

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December 2014 Movie Preview

E: And so another year comes to a close, with films exciting, serious, thrilling, heart-warming and funny.

M: And almost everything being released this month opens in Christmas. Because nothing says “the Savior is born!” like a trip to the local multiplex.

E: Poor C needs saving these days, too; hopefully we’ll have more luck getting her to rejoin us once she’s finished with her dissertation and job applications! It’s less fun fighting with you without her as a buffer.

M: I’m not sure how much of a buffer she is, as we usually gang up on you, but I agree, less fun without little sis!

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