So You Think You Can Dance: Season 10, Boston Auditions

E: Now that’s what I’m talking about!  Great street dancing, great ballroom, great contemporary, great tap – I am loving season 10!  Welcome to my backyard, the wicked awesome city of Boston, strong, resilient and home of Season Six champ Russell.  This year’s auditions take place at the gorgeous Boston Opera House, where the Boston Ballet performs its magnificent Nutcracker, so it’s already filled with magical dance memories for me.  Let’s make a few more, shall we?

Hey, have I mentioned that ham-in-a-can Adam Shankman guests with Nigel and Mary this week?  I’m beginning to think he’s the only dance industry professional we’re going to get for the auditions this year, which bugs me, to be completely honest with you.  But I’ll gripe about that later, if at all; now I’ll just grab a box of tissues and be happy to see the only judge who cries more than me.

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So You Think You Can Dance: Season 10, L.A. Auditions

E:  YES!  They’re back, baby!  Summer is officially here.  The judges are back and wearing bow ties for Jesse Tyler Ferguson.  They’re back with pirouettes and headstands and flips and pot stirrers and every good thing.  (And that’s part of the joy – the worst we got from 2013’s first episode of So You Think were a few dancers who were more sweet or inspiring than brilliant.  Sign me up for the mockery-free dance extravaganza!  My impressions of the first batch of candidates are after the jump.

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Castle: The Human Factor and Watershed

E: You may have noticed that we skipped last week’s penultimate episode of Castle, season 4.  Sorry about that, folks!  But because last week’s episode kicked into a gear the whole “where is this relationship headed” dilemma set in motion by The Squab and the Quail, I figure it’d be a good idea to must a little chatter about that in with our normal sized recap (and potentially king-sized grumbling fit) of this week’s season finale.

M: It may be without C, however, as she is dealing with the end of the school year craziness. And my big sis neglected to mention that we missed the episode before that as well, but we have a legit excuse for that one… because the episode centered around a bomb threat, they didn’t air it here in Boston. Because, you know, we’re not “strong” enough to watch a TV show involving a bomb.

E: Idiots.  But hey, at least it was just a clip show.  They probably did us a favor.

M: But I digress, let’s get back to Castle and Beckett.

E: Sigh.  I guess.  I hate it when shows pull this kind of crap.

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Golden Boy – *UPDATED*

Hi all, M here. Just wanted to share a quick thought that I have shared with Mrs M many times over at this point. When it comes to CBS’s new Theo James-Chi McBride police procedural Golden Boy, I have one thing to say…

I CANNOT wait until it fails and is off the air. I don’t care if this make me a bad person, knowing people’s livelihood may be on the line. I don’t care that I literally have not watched one minute of the show, thus have no actual proof it is as horrible as I think it must be. CBS has been shoving this formulaic-looking piece of balderdash down my throat for weeks. At times commercials for it have been in EVERY commercial break for hour long shows, and I just can’t stand it. I want it to be gone, and will be giddy when it is.

*** UPDATE ***

As of last Friday, May 10, 2013, this show has been cancelled. WHEEEEEEEEEEE!

The Good Wife: What’s In The Box

E: All the interviews and reports promised it: in the season finale, Alicia will finally make her choice!  Our notoriously cagey heroine will pick a side, and lordy but it’s been a long time coming.  Fans everywhere rejoiced; even the most hardcore shippers have wilted, exhausted by the love triangle and desperate for the uncertainty to end.  Move us forward, Alicia!

And so she did, and it was more purely revolutionary than we could have imagined. I have to say, I am pretty damn stoked; I’ve been advocating for that course for months, but I never thought it would actually happen. We have an answer.  Shame on us, though, for asking the wrong question.

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