TV Review: Suburgatory

E: So if you read this space, you know I’m not such a fan of sitcom.  Sitcoms, they are not my cup of tea.  Sitcoms can just feel so desperate, trying to make a joke about every little thing.  And so often there’s the canned laughter and the “ha ha, aren’t we eccentric, look at us!” malarkey.  It’s really hard to be actually, honestly funny for a whole half hour at a time, and eventually I get kinda bored if they don’t mix the funny in with other stuff.

But folks, sometimes a show can strike a sort of tone with a really clever point of view, a funny little angle on the world.  Suburgatory does that.  I really liked this show.

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Revenge: Trust

E: Since our first review was so glowing, I think I’m going to get into a few things I don’t flat out love about the show, in addition to the details that I did love.

M: Admittedly, we didn’t go into huge depth with that one, it was more of an initial impression than a review I’d say.  There are some things I have reservations about, too.  So hit it up, sis, what didn’t you love? Continue reading

TV Review: Revenge

E: This, my friends, was everything that I hoped Ringer would be.  Though much less buzzed about, it’s full of suspense, danger, clever twists, and genuine emotions.  Summer in the Hamptons – in the person of golden, gentle Emily Thorne – first seduces, and then destroys.

M: Agreed, the pilot sets up what looks to be a focused, stylish and entertaining season.  I have concerns about long-term sustainability, but those can be dealt with in season two or three.  It already feels like they have solid arc for the first season (if they don’t rush things), and a solid character to base it around.

C: I too was surprised by this one. In fact, I’ll pay it one of the highest compliments a Quibbling Sibling can pay: it reminded me little of Veronica Mars. Continue reading

The Good Wife: A New Day

E:  Dialogue worthy of The West Wing – with hallway walking? Check.  Something awfully reminiscent of that scene in Buffy where the house gets knocked down (and don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about)? Check.  Ferreting out the real killer like Perry Mason?  Check.  That’s right, friends.  That is our show – the best of all possible worlds (political, personal and legal). It’s thoughtful, it’s funny, and it’s sexy as hell. It’s everything you’ve ever liked about your old favorites, wrapped up neatly in one unbelievably packed hour, and it’s finally here.  Happy days are back again!

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Castle Review: “Rise” (Season Four Premiere)

C: Tonight was what one might call a “Mr. Hyde episode” of Castle. Most people I know who watch this show enjoy it for the witty banter, the gargantuan charm of the actors, the rapport between the characters, and the outrageous worlds they dive into when investigating murders (steampunk, soap operas, spycations…). And then every now and then, an episode comes along where every one of those things disappears.

E: Heh. Hyde episodes. Let’s make it a thing. I do hate it when Castle doesn’t actually feel like Castle. To have fewer jokes makes sense, but I don’t get why they feel like they can’t have any in a “serious” episode.

M: It’s like it tries to be a different show entirely when they do “heavy” episodes, like the ones dealing with the overarching plot.  Like you, I don’t know why they can’t keep the spirit of the show the same.

E: It wasn’t too bad as an episode of ER, though. Continue reading