Top Chef All Stars: New York’s Finest

E: Okay, I’m not so broken up about this past week’s losers.  And I thought the challenges were brutal.  Impressive effort from the cheftestants!

M: First and foremost, I would like to apologize to all our readers.  It originally looked like I would be penning this piece alone, which would have guaranteed you all a week free of the repulsive term that my sister just uttered.  As it happened, late nights and a busy weekend conspired against me, thus you are stuck reading that.  Again, my deepest apologies.

E: Blah blah blah.  You need to just give it up and acknowledge that this is the accepted term.

M: At one point it was “accepted” that the Earth passed through the sky on the back of a large turtle.  Just because it’s accepted doesn’t mean it’s right.  That said, this week’s challenges were pretty brutal.

E: I agree.  That’s why I already said it.

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The Good Wife: Nine Hours

E: You know that face that a wild animal makes when you surprise it (say, with your car)?  How they freeze and look at you, their heart beating out of their eyes, terrified, not knowing whether it’s better to run or to hope you haven’t noticed them?  Pretty nearly every character in this episode makes that face at one time or another.

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Chatter: James McAvoy, Scarlett Johansson and Zombies

M: As you may or may not know, my sisters are both HUGE Jane Austen fans. Me? Let’s just say there are a few authors ahead of her on my list.  However, today we came across some news about a movie project based on a book… based on a book by Jane Austen.   That’s right, Seth Grahame-Smith’s send up, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  What follows is the quibbling discussion that ensued. Continue reading

Golden Globe Nominations 2011: Reactions

E: The Hollywood Foreign Press announced its nominees this morning in film and television.  Hmmmm.  Interesting.  While there’s stuff I expected, there were definitely a few things that came out of left field, and that’s always fun.  The Best Actress Oscar derby clarified itself just a little; Gwyneth and Reese are pretty much out, while Halle and Julianne and Michelle are hanging on, and Jennifer might just be in. Look below for a list of nominees, as well as reflections on what I picked and what I think it all means. Not to mention a little confusion. The Tourist is a comedy?  Really?  Somebody ought to tell whoever made those trailers, because I thought it was a sexy spy thriller.

Or do you suppose Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp sing while fleeing through the canals of Venice, and it’s just not in the commercials?

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Golden Globe Predictions: 2011 Awards

E: Tomorrow, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will favor us with their picks for 2010’s best in film and television.  The Golden Globes are famously know as the best party of the year; it’s a smaller ballroom than the Oscars, less stiff and pretentious, and also with a lot more booze.  They have very particular tastes; they love celebrities, the bigger and more glamorous the better, yet they’ll occasionally pass up the chance to nominate one so they can anoint a new star.  They reward comedies, but they prefer them jet black, thank you very much.  And they’ll also pass up an actual musical in order to nominate a movie with a lot of music in it.  They have awards for leading actors in everything, but if you’re in a supporting role, this is not your party.  But best of all, they’re excellent indicators of what Oscar might nominate.  Actors and movies that sweep awards?  They gain the real momentum here.

Without further ado, my guesses:

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Top Chef All Stars: Night At the Museum

E: Well, once again, I loved the challenge, and hated the result.  I saw it coming from a mile away, but man, it hurt.  Our chefs are first instructed to make desserts suitable for kids staying over night at the incredibly awesome Museum of Natural History in New York City.

M: Um, the kids…  and the amazingly awesome Joe Jonas.  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

E: I know my eldest niece is the right age (shudder) , but do you actually like the JoBro’s?

M: There really, REALLY needs to be a sarcasm font.

E: That makes me feel better.  Anyway, yes, Joe Jonas and the kids.  Continuing, the cheftestants…

M: Hate you.

E: … are divided into teams to mass produce the top two desserts and bring them to the museum so the kids can choose a favorite.  Then they’re told they’ll be staying overnight in the museum as well, and will cook breakfast for the kids, the staff and various parents using either the diet of a T. Rex or a Brontosaurus!  Come on, that’s pretty awesome.

M: The concept, and the museum stuff, yes.  The execution, not as much.

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It’s That Time of Year: Oscar, Animation and the National Board of Review

E: That’s right, it’s that time of year again!  The first major awards have announced, the official selections have been decided in the foreign film and other ‘lesser’ categories, and the honorary awards have already been given out.  My Movie Going Friend (my Oscar co-blogger and fantastic partner in all cinematic crimes) and I have some serious things to discuss.  First on the list: the travesty of Best Animated Feature Film, which is down to only three nominees this year because there were only 15 films released in 2010, instead of 16.

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