Top Chef Masters: A Soldier’s Story

E:  Aw, Floyd, you made me cry.

M: That was a very emotional episode for him, and in turn for us because of it.  I always love hearing the pride with which “naturalized” citizens speak of becoming a part of this great melting pot of ours, and to see him tearing up over the coin that his meal recipient gave him?  Well, that was seriously special.

E: The episode before the finale is always a tough elimination, but that turned out not to be the emotional core of the episode, which was surprising.  And cool.

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Top Chef Masters: Blinded Me With Science

E: Okay, I flat out loved this episode.  An edible science fair!  How cool is that?

M: Sooooo cool.  But honestly, I’m a little sad to say that I liked it in concept more than in execution.  Plus, the critics annoyed me yet again.  But we’ll get to that later…  on to the Quickfire! Continue reading

So You Think You Can Dance: The Top Twenty Again, 6/22/11

E: You remember last week when I said that week 2 is usually a disappointing week, because the dancers end up out of their styles and we see their weakness?

Yeah.  Not so much.  I thought this was pretty kick ass performance show.  I definitely wasn’t in love with every routine, but what a grouping over all!  Honestly, I couldn’t figure out who to vote for (something I’m almost sure to regret in tonight’s painful elimination) because there were just too many dances I loved.  I am so, so happy we got to see the Top Twenty dance again!

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So You Think You Can Dance: Top Twenty Performance Show, 6/15/11

E:  Well. I think I’m floating on air.  I love the couples!  I’m not entirely decided who my favorites are yet, but (as is often the case) the first show of the season made me want to stand up and sing.  Or, you know, dance.  The first competition show of the season is very often terrific – typically the producers have the contestants dancing in their own styles.  This was a really show, without a lot of producer pandering involved.  Most impressive, contestants!

Nigel’s story of the season is that the girls are beasts, and I can’t help but agree. It’s going to be hard for the guys to keep up with them!

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