The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Doing Its Own Thing: Oscar Nomination Reactions, 2019

E: Well then.  Okay.  There’s some interesting stuff here.  A few bummers, a few surprises out of far, far left field.  We learned a few important things about how this year’s going to go, and we saw a few trends.  It’s no country for young men, first off. And it’s Roma‘s party all the way.  Let’s break down the Oscar nods!  (Or, E beats herself up a lot.) Continue reading

Hollywood Out of Sync With Itself: Oscar Nomination Predictions, 2019

E:  You guys know I love this awards stuff, but I have to say, I’m starting to get really annoyed by some of it.  Why do some movies catch the fancy of awards-giving bodies (critics or guilds) and why do others fade into oblivion?  This year’s crop of films is particularly vexing by that standard.  Why these movies?  In a year full of well-reviewed blockbusters, I have to ask – what’s your problem with films that the public actually likes, Hollywood?

Here are my thoughts, with the usual caveats that there are always going to be surprises.  Let’s just hope that the surprises are pleasant ones.  Continue reading