September Movie Preview 2012

C: September is an odd month for movies: summer leftovers, stuff that had higher hopes but didn’t test well, and the occasional Oscar contender slipped in.

E: Is there gold to be found in them there hills?  Maybe.  Just maybe.  Let’s take a look.

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So You Think You Can Dance: Top Ten, Season 9

E:  You might have guessed it, but I’m still bummed about last week.  The pain of losing that many dancers in one blow – and some of my favorite dancers to boot – is just too fresh.  But.  I will valiantly pull myself together to enjoy this batch of new routines and the All Stars who come with them (some never before seen, and one my giddy ideal, squeal- inducing pairing).

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So You Think You Can Dance: Top Fourteen Season 9

E: So now that I’m back from vacation and I’ve seen last week’s show, I can tell you a few things.

1) This episode was a painful, painful bloodbath.

2) The season was originally supposed to contain a top 16 (to avoid such bloodbaths) but Nigel really wanted more dancers.

3) Audition round screen time doesn’t mean as much as you’d think.

4) And finally, Mia Michaels’ work is so inspired by particular dancers that it’s really, really hard for anyone else to pick it up.

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August Movie Preview 2012

M: Ahh, August, somehow studios don’t really treat you like a summer month, replacing you with May, pushing the “summer” movies up they way that back to school sales get started in July now. That said, there’s a few things of some interest, at least to me if not to you, in the smaller and generally less ambitious slate of movies coming out this month. Now that you’re all super-excited to keep reading, on to the preview!

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