The Good Wife: Whack-a-mole

E: Wow, guys.  I got a real 80s nostalgia vibe off this week’s episode.  Mary Stuart Masterson is in the house, doing her best Robin Wright impression.  That’s some kind of wonderful!  Or at least it is for some of our characters. And whack-a-mole!  Like new LG addition Damian Boyle, I can proudly say that I too have played whack-a-mole and have fond childhood memories of doing so at arcades and the occasional Chuck-E-Cheese.

Oh, yeah, and the Mommy Dearest routine?  Very 80s.  What’s old is new again.

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The Good Wife: The Next Month

E: What a flurry of events!  Thanks heaven for a little resolution this week, as Florrick/Agos gets its first new client, its first real office and its first win.  We get another course in hating the American government (or at least the Immigration system).  Lockhart/Gardner gets a re-branding, Eli gets romantic, and Will’s rebound Isabelle gets even weirder.  Who knew that was possible?

One thing we all knew was possible, however.  There’s not a word about Jeffery Grant, not a word about ratting or Zach getting into a fight at school, not a word about the Gopnik adoption suit.  Sigh.

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The Good Wife: The Next Week

E:  Well that was a confounding episode!  I know we all love our ambiguity here at The Good Wife, but there’s a difference between an ambiguous ending and a woefully incomplete one.  I’m not going to say I didn’t like it, because a lot of great stuff happened too, but with two major plots left unresolved I definitely feel frustrated!  Some very entertaining guest stars reappear.  Predictably, lines are crossed (oh, so many lines) and backs are stabbed.  Strange threads dangle.  We see the return of Zach the secretive computer genius/sleuth.  It’s war, and it’s peace.  It’s unity and discord.  It’s moral dilemmas every where you look. It’s sympathetic clients who apparently lie.

It is, in short, a lot to take in.

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November 2013 Movie Preview

E: October was good, but November is going to be even better.  In fact, I’m not sure even December can beat this November for awesome and exciting looking movies.

M: I know I have movies I’m VERY excited for, and have been waiting for for a long time! Heck, I’m starting the month by going to the theater on the 1st, and will be going to a midnight show later in the month, too. Woohoo!

E: This November has a little something for everyone – animation, documentaries, epic action, biopics, literary adaptations, football movies, the works.  It even has the most promising romantic comedy in years. Continue reading