The Good Wife: Boom

E: Hurray!  Are you as thrilled as I am to see the best show on tv back on tv?  While not the most jaw dropping episode ever, this week’s effort was smart, well constructed, and featured family drama, courtroom drama, backroom political dealing and some nasty inter-office politics.  As usual, the title has multiple levels of meaning; a building goes boom, and more than one relationship.  Not to mention the return of Jackie, with a serious conversation that explains quite a bit about Peter.

The episode begins with a scratching pen, and ink curving over paper.  Lines curve and intersect.  Then there’s a face, hiding behind a counter. The scene quickly shifts to the conference room at Stern, Lockhart & Gardener, where Julius, Alicia and Cary representing a newspaper under suit.  The plaintiff is a widow whose husband, Jeffrey Sanborn, died when the newsroom was bombed after the paper ran a cartoon featuring the prophet Mohammed being searched at the airport. Boom number one! Julius proffers the insurance company’s pay out – $350,000.  The widow, Mrs. Sanborn, says she just found the novel her husband had been writing.  It’s beautiful, and all they want to give her is $350,000?  Alicia gently interjects that no amount of money can compensate for the loss of a loved one, but money is what they deal in at law offices, and this is the best they can do.

Not so, thinks Mrs. Sanborn.  They say you should wait 6 months before making life changes after a significant death.  Well, today is six months.  She fires her attorneys.  And off the elevator comes her new attorneys – a phalanx lead by one swaggering Jonas Stern.

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“Summer” Movie Preview: May

E: Have you guys noticed that not only is May now the official start of the summer movie season, it’s often got the best summer movies?  There are almost no tent-pole movies in August, but May?  An embarrassment of riches.  I’m not noticing a lot of must-see 3D (my latest obsession), and there’s no saying that the projects that look good will actually BE good, but there’s a lot to interest.  Will they be worth hiring a babysitter?  I guess we’ll find that out in a few weeks.  Meanwhile, we can speculate and get excited.

We thought we’d give you readers a heads up for the upcoming films we’re interested in  (we’ll check back in with you if we ever get to the theater!) and even a few words on the ones that won’t get our hard earned cash.

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LOST Recap: Four Episodes To Go

M: Last night instead of a new episode of Lost, we got a rerun of one of the best episodes of the season, Ab Aeterno.  Obviously, with nothing new, I have no recap of this week’s events, nothing particularly new to share.  So all we’re going with this week is a little recap of our own, putting out some theories on what is happening and what might come in the final four episodes, which includes the 2 hour series finale.  At the bottom will be links to all my reviews from this season.

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Doctor Who: The Beast Below

E: I think I’m the only fan out there who hasn’t surrendered themselves utterly to Eleven.  Everywhere I look I hear a chorus proclaiming “we love Matt  Smith.”  Let it resound to the heavens: everyone loves Matt Smith!  Everyone, that is, but me.

I’m getting more used to him, I will say that.  But when it comes down to it, I still think of him as Eleven, and not The Doctor.  I’m trying hard not to see him as a usurper, a mere pretender to the throne.

On the upside of the number scale, however, I’m a big fan of Liz Ten.

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Chuck Review: “Chuck Vs. the Honeymooners”

C: Here’s the thing.  Whenever a will-they-won’t-they show gets their leads together, they have to navigate some pretty shaky ground.  Will they immediately throw new obstacles between the couple, and have viewers complain that it was a tease?  Will they let them be lovey-dovey for a while, and have viewers complain that the zest has gone out of the show? It’s almost a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t scenario.

In “Chuck vs. the Honeymooners,” we see the aftermath of Chuck and Sarah finally getting together.  They decide that in order to have a relationship, they have to run away from the CIA.  This is showing my ignorance, but I’m wondering: can you not quit the CIA?  Are you really signing up to be a secret agent for life?  Because frankly, that seems insane to me, and just like asking for trouble.

E: Well, I think the point in question may be whether Chuck can quit the CIA, what with the whole intersect in his head thing.

C: Ah, right.  Good point.

E: It’s true though, of course they ought to be able to quit without having to go on the run.   But do we look to Chuck for realism?

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