The Good Wife: A Weird Year

E: It’s true.  It has been a weird year.  A year of break downs and break ups, of events and emotions too big for our buttoned up characters to handle. Even that word weird with its vast allowances seems too small to sum up the dizzying spins of this past season; the dread and shock of Outside the Bubble, the visceral thrill of Hitting the Fan, the philosophical meanderings of A Few Words, the devastating gut punch of Dramatics, Your Honor and the abject despair of A Material World.  A lot’s happened in this long year, and a lot happened tonight.  Over one very long, very intense, very crazy day, our characters stretch to – and in some cases past – their breaking points.

So yes. Weird doesn’t even begin to cover it.  I will have a lot to say about this season and about this roller coaster episode, but because a season finale automatically takes viewers thoughts to the following season, I can’t help thinking about Season Six.  Season Five definitely lived up to the electric finale of Season Four.  How are we looking for the future? My biggest take away is that Alicia’s answer to Eli’s question better be to laugh in his face.

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The Good Wife: The One Percent

E: Picking perhaps its most hot button topic of the season, The Good Wife takes on the haves and the have-nots.  Except that part’s just the window dressing in an episode about the mechanics of crisis management, outspoken clients, jury selection, the perils of press interviews, extreme office politics, and politics politics.  Oh.  Yeah.  Then there’s that little thing about opening an open marriage.

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The Good Wife: The Deep Web

E: The deep web, as in the seamy underbelly of the internet.  The deep web that’s spun around political candidates.  The deep web, as is the complicated layers of feelings centered around Alicia’s personal life, and the way it intersects with her professional one.  The deep web of lies between family members.  What do we really know about the world around us?  What do we really know about the people we love?  What do we really know about ourselves?  “The Deep Web” discusses these issues and more.  Oh, and Alicia seems to be in the middle of a mid-life crisis.  Welcome to the Darknet, folks.  It’s pretty murky down here.

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The Good Wife: Tying the Knot

E: Deliberately shocking episodes of The Good Wife aren’t really my favorites.  They often feel a little forced.  No, no, I’m not talking about Dramatics, Your Honor, but episodes like this one, where love-to-hate-him client Colin Sweeney spins one of his typically comic-lascivious webs around Alicia.  What’s worse, I could essentially recite you the ending before it happened, a rare experience on this show.  I’ve just seen that kind of twist before. There is, fortunately, less expected and more interesting stuff going on as well in this over-stuffed, middling installment of the best show on network TV.

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