Grey’s Anatomy: It’s A Long Way Back

E: How sad is it that the only thing that stuck with me after this episode is how cute little baby Sofia is?  Those chubby chubby cheeks are just preposterous squeezable.

But the rest of the show?  Eh.  What happened again? The sad thing is, I’m serious.

Or maybe I’m just creating a mental block between my brain and the really stupid (and totally expected) plot “twist” the writers inflicted on us this week.

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Promising Pilot Premises, Part 5: NBC

E: As the last in our alphabetically ordered series on pilot ideas, we’ve got the ideas that NBC is hoping will be the next Friends, Seinfeld or ER.  And let me just say, we may be looking at them last, but these are some of the best, most exciting ideas of everything we’ve seen.  Check out what they’ve got!  (Don’t forget to look back at ABC, CBS, the CW and FOX.) Continue reading

Promising Pilot Premises, Part 3: The CW

E: We’ve arrived at part three of our review of the more interesting pilots the networks will be deciding between at this year’s up fronts.  This is by no means a comprehensive list (either in pilots or the cast and crew that make them) but it’ll give you an idea of what’s out there, and what fun things we might, just might, have to look forward to.  We’ve already looked at ABC and CBS.  Here’s what they’ve got going on at the CW (hint – it’s all about young women) :

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