A Complete List of Plot Holes and Nonsense in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Spoilers ahead for The Crimes of Grindelwald and the rest of the Harry Potter canon.

C: I expected to like this movie. The first one left me with a lot of questions, but it was charming and pretty and cool. So despite the ominous Rotten Tomatoes score, we went to the theater on Thursday night with hopes pretty high. Critics, after all, aren’t always fans, so if this movie was going to be a bunch of complicated set-up for a sequel, that isn’t necessarily something that I, as a fan, would actually mind.

And for the first hour or more, I thought, “Hey, this isn’t so bad. What’s all the negative press about?”

E: Agreed. There were plenty of things to like, or at least to intrigue us.

C: But the final act. Dear heavens, that final act. Did anything that happened or was revealed in the last half hour or so of the movie make logical or emotional or canonical sense?

E: You prepared us to be worried when we went two days later, but man. A LOT of issues came up in our family debrief after the movie, which we’ve condensed below.

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So You Think You Can Dance: Season Fifteen Finale

E: Usually when it comes to SYT, I spend days making lists of the season’s best routines and figuring out which pieces I hope the dancers reprise in the finale.  Unfortunately, this season has been so truncated, so brief, that I really can’t present a reasonable list.  With only four live shows before the finale (as opposed to 7 in last season’s already shortened showing), how much time has there been to do great work, or watch dancers grown across the season? We spent far more time with dancers eliminated at the Academy like Emily, Kyle and Dustin than we did dancers with less initial air time who actually made it through the audition.  Think about it; the first two dancers eliminated, Evan and Chelsea, actually danced in half of the live shows before the finale. HALF.  This year half the season was two shows.

Don’t get me wrong; any dancing is better than nothing.  I’ve enjoyed watching it, even though time didn’t permit me to blog it.  But I hope FOX will do as Nigel begged and grant them a top twenty season last year.  It was so nice, at least, to have real partnerships; how much better would a season be with time to breathe?

In lieu of my big list, this year I will only ask for the very most obvious, the one piece that will truly stick with me from this season.  There’s been a decent amount that I liked, and I do have my rooting interest in a winner (Team Hannahlei!) but the routine of the season was Travis’s searing indictment of gender conformity, “It Takes a Lot to Know a Man” for Darius and Taylor, and I look forward to seeing it again tonight.  And I hope for more dancing and less absurdity next summer.


4 Out of 5 Ain’t Bad (Wait, It Is): So You Think You Can Dance, Season 5, Top Five Women

E: Okay, so.  If you have seen the episode, and you read this site, you can probably guess at least two of my reactions without me telling you.  Since this is a blog, however, I guess I need to actually tell you, and not just make you guess.

First, I can’t believe they’re dragging out the Academy one more week, and now we’re not going to get any live shows until August.  We’ve had a freaking month of the Academy!  I’m sorry, that’s so not cool.  At least this episode featured actual dance routines, but geez, man.  What are we going to get, four live shows?  Why must you keep breaking my heart, SYT?

Speaking of which, you know the other thing.  Worst elimination decision ever.  Best dancer of the season gone, and WHY?  Boo, hiss, stupid judges.

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Let Me Tell You What You Can Do With Your Twist, Nigel: So You Think You Can Dance, Academy Week 2, Season 15

E: You did not.  You did not just do that.  You did not just take an awesome Top Twenty and then tell them we’re only going to get ten after making Top Twenty their goal the whole time?  I HATE that.  I hate tiny seasons.  I hate the contestants not getting to dance with each other.  Do you hear me, Nigel?  Lamest, meanest twist EVER.

Sigh.  Okay.  Wondering what else happened, besides the producers sucking?  And besides me finally figuring out that Cat was pregnant, ironically only 3 weeks after she gave birth?  (Congrats, Cat!) Read on and I’ll tell you about the shocking cuts and the people they kept despite them messing up.  I’ll try not to splatter bile over everything.

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Be a Sponge: So You Think You Can Dance, Academy Week 1, Season 15

E: This week’s episode encapsulates pretty much everything we expect from this phase of a reality show competition.  There is triumph.  There are tears. There are nerves and passionate speeches, rude words and heartbreak and injury.  Through it all,  there’s brief glimpses of some really good dancing, but this kind of episode is more about the trying and failing and also the name recognition as we inch ever closer to the Top Twenty.  Not to mention stardom by osmosis since the Academy’s taking place in L.A.’s famed Dolby Theater, occasional home to the Oscar telecast.

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Our Own Unique Flavor: So You Think You Can Dance, Season 15, Auditions #4

E: Here it is.  The final set of auditions from New York City.  The final auditions from 2018.  Our last introductions to new dancers (and reintroductions to old!) before the Academy.  And, wow, the first confirmation that this is not an All Star season; we will in fact be getting 20 new dancers this year!  It’s a very good thing, because I’m already a fan of way more than 10 of these kids.

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