The Good Wife: Shiny Objects

E: What a difference a week makes!  Last week, I was seriously doubting this season, which had started off with such promise and then seemed to be veering down a deliberately wrong-headed course.  After last week’s logic flaws, inconstancies and extravagant character assassination (not to mention overwhelmingly negative tone), this week’s episode got right everything I love in this show.  Drama, humor, emotion, sizzle, the law, politics, topical references, complicated relationships, and brilliant guest stars.  And we got two seminal moments 5 years in the making.

Really, I can almost forgive the whole stupidity of making her run for politics without any desire to do good just for those final images.  They left me rather giddy.

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The Good Wife: Oppo Research

E:  Well.  Sigh.  It’s hard to know what to say, isn’t it?  Except that a lot of that made me angry sick, both at the characters and at the writers.  God knows there was enough of it – even without a case of the week we just got buried with new information and lots of talk, talk, talk – but it’s all just fodder for the Ego Express.

I feel like by hoping she quits I’m encouraging Alicia to be a lesser person, caving under an avalanche of dirty tricks. – except I also feel like she is a lesser person than I thought she was.  I like politics, but I didn’t enjoy this all political episode at all.

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Mini-reviews: A to Z, Forever, and How To Get Away With Murder

E: Now that I’ve had enough time to watch multiple episodes and get a real feel for new shows, I thought I’d share my thoughts on what I’ve been watching.  Perhaps later I’ll rant about the mysterious dearth of humor on Castle (did he get a personality transplant? I’ve counted 1 attempt at a joke in the new season), or my new interest in The Big Bang Theory, but for now, it’s all about the newbies.  Continue reading

The Good Wife: Dear God

E: Are any fans out there on board with this campaign plan?  I have yet to talk to one, so I’m wondering.

Here’s my deal with it.  The writing staff has done an excellent job convincing me that the almost ridiculously malevolent Castro should not be State’s Attorney. No one needed to convince me that having a woman or person of color in this job would be a welcome change.  But if they wanted me to want Alicia to run, they shouldn’t have given her a law firm to abandon.  She could have left Lockhart/Gardner to do this, and I’d have been a lot more sanguine about it, even though her closet fairly bursts with skeletons and I’m not sure she’d be any more content in the job.  Now it feels like she’s running away from her responsibilities, flattered by the attention, and that she’s flitting from one project to another, looking for the blue bird of happiness without any concern for the people she lets down along the way.

And I suppose I see why (because it undercuts the pigheaded desire to have Alicia run for office) but it annoys me to no end that everyone’s conveniently forgetting about the long time ASA who does fit all the criteria put out and would want the job – Geneva Pine.

But maybe that’s just me.

Let’s talk about the rest of what happened this week, shall we?

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