Chuck Review: “Chuck Versus the Balcony”

C: This week’s Chuck opens, after a scene of spy hijinks [E: Spyjinks!], with Chuck and Sarah in a fancy Italian restaurant where a nervous Chuck babbles incoherently, clutching an engagement ring in his hand. He asserts to Sarah that, with all that’s been happening in the past few weeks, with him mom and Volkoff and everything, he hasn’t been thinking at all about what really matters: him and Sarah.

Cue the noise of skidding tires in my brain. Excusemewhat? Has there been a single episode where Chuck didn’t obsess about their relationship?

E: Um, no.

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Chuck Review: “Chuck Vs. the Aisle of Terror”

M: Chuck definitely continued reeling me back in after the shaky start to the season. This was not, in my opinion, one of the best episodes ever, but it was solid, and moved in the right direction on a lot of fronts. One of which was the use of guest star Robert “Freddy Kreuger” Englund. In his first scene he was better used than all of Christopher Lloyd’s scenes last season combined.

E: Absolutely.  Loved the melting devil face.  Nothing says Halloween like Freddy Kreuger and neurotoxins! Continue reading

Chuck Review: “Chuck Vs. the Subway” and “Vs. the Ring: Part 2”

M: Well ladies and gentlemen, Chuck has ended another season, and after another year of teetering on the edge, we know that it will be back for a fourth season as well.  Woo-hoo!  Of course, the geniuses at NBC have only committed to it for 13 episodes as of yet, but there is always hope that they’ll do what they did this year and pony up for an additional set of episodes after those 13.  Maybe next year they might even give it a decent time slot or lead in!  Okay, I already know that’s too much to ask for; I’ve heard it’ll be back at 8:00 on Mondays.  Anyway, we’re a bit late with this, so on to the finale…  or, rather, the two back-to-back episodes that were not one two-hour episode, or even a two-part episode.  So let’s explain…

E: No, there is too much…  Let me sum up.  Ellie learns the truth!  It’s about bloody time.  A significant character bites the big one.  An even more significant location does, too.  There is romance in the air.  A villain is defeated. And a controversial Jeffster video attempts to end the season with a blaze of glory.

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