October Movie Preview

E: This October looks good, man.  Really good.

M: Not feeling you. Looking through, I only see a few movies that I’m legitimately interested in seeing, and I’m not wild about any of those.

C: But then, there are only about two months in the year — December and May — when we’re as excited about the movie offerings as E is.

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Castle Review: “Dreamworld”

M: I will start with a GIANT sigh of relief, as I was genuinely worried that Castle was going to kill off Castle. Oh wait, no, that was a sigh of exhaustion with plots like that. Sorry, my mistake.

E: Well, at least we got that silliness over with, so that’s good.

C: What’s good about a lack of silliness?

M: You’re fooling yourself, E, if you think I’m done being silly, but let’s move on. What did you think?

E: I didn’t mean – oh, whatever. I found the episode startlingly unmelodramatic.

M: That is true, they didn’t play it up like they have done in the past, and like most TV shows do. So, that’s a silver lining with this tedious and lazy plot.

C: It’s a good thing there was a silver lining, because this was a truly bad Castle episode. It was probably a pretty good episode of some other show, one about federal investigators and government coverups of war-related crimes. But it was just about unrecognizable as Castle.

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