It’s Oscar (Nod) Time Again: Nomination Predictions, 2018

E:  If Sunday’s SAG awards are to be believed, then there’s not much mystery left in the Oscar race outside of Best Picture.  No, even with Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri’s win we’re not any closer to a clear Best Picture champion, but the acting races seem all but locked in.  Nothing but six weeks of winner fatigue or an unforeseen disaster could stop the inexorable march to the podium of those four actors.

And that’s why nomination morning is so much more fun for me, even after last year’s crazy Oscar night.  The real insanity last year wasn’t the overturning of the presumed favorite – the roughly once-a-decade shocker of a Crash overtaking Brokeback Mountain, or Shakespeare in Love besting Saving Private Ryan – but the added drama of the wrong envelope. Which is to say, sure, sometimes the awards don’t go to the people or films we expect, but that’s more of an exception than a rule.  There’s a decent proportion of surprises that always occur during the nominations, however; at least a few people who made every list will get left off this big one.

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2018 SAG Awards: It’s Coming At You

E: The year of the woman continues, at least in name: for the first time, this show has a host (the talented and extravagantly likable Kristin Bell) and (at least according to some sources) only female presenters.  I’m very curious as to how this will play out; will SAG continue the tradition of having speakers from the audience explain what it means to them to be an actor?  And in the days of Time’s Up and MeToo, what could that mean?

In Oscar news, tonight’s broadcast gives us our first to chance to see if Gary Oldman and Sam Rockwell really are locks, or if Timothee Chalamet and Willem Dafoe can unseat them.  Will Allison Janney’s villainous stage mom thump all comers, or does Laurie Metcalf’s more realistic pessimist have a shot in the battle of the overbearing mothers? It sets up our first look at Frances McDormand and Saoirse Ronan going head to head for best actress.  In most years the ingenue has the advantage, but in 2018 it’s more of a question.  It’s even a question whether we can call Ronan an ingenue, given that she has 2 Oscar nominations and nearly a decade’s worth of leading roles to her credit even at 23.

It won’t give us certainty, but tonight’s show could absolutely add to the confusion between The Shape of Water and Three Billboards Outside Epping, Missouri.  A win by either couldn’t be a decisive victory at this point, but a win by a third film would muddy up the waters pretty beautifully.  Sure, the tv awards don’t include anything you haven’t seen win at the Emmy’s and the Globes, but the actors and actresses still have a lot to say.  So if you’re sick of football, seek out tonight’s ceremony on TNT and TBS at 8 East Standard Time.  Things look like they might be pretty new.

Golden Globes Notes (That Aren’t Just About Oprah)

E: But Oprah, seriously!  In 8 minutes she reminded us forcefully that she spent 27 years talking for a living, and being adored for it.  Oprah took what’s classically the most boring segment of the show, and used her bully pulpit to inspire instead of just blathering on about herself.  I didn’t even realize that I missed her, but I know it now;  I need more Oprah in my life.  (I will add that I’m livid at the cowardly backlash seeking to downplay the truth of what she said by her former, incidental association with Harvey Weinstein.  Glad you think Oprah is psychic, boys, but as much as I admire her I don’t really think that greeting him at a party – however enthusiastically – means she knew his secret crimes.  But hey, when you’re not brave enough take issue with what she actually said and own your misogyny, I guess sharing a photo is all you can do to try and tear her down.)

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Golden Globes, Golden Globes!

E:  What a fun tv weekend this has been – first the figure skating Olympic trials, and now the Golden Globes!  Starting at 7 tonight with a pre-show and at 8 with Seth Meyers no doubt snarky, scandal filled monologue, we’ll get the maximum fun in a minimum of time.  And in this year without a frontrunner we’ll finally get a little clarity (maybe!) for the direction of this year’s Oscar race.   Will Lady Bird runaway with Musical/Comedy?  Will The Shape Of Water enchant the Hollywood Foreign Press?  Are Willem Dafoe and Gary Oldman the locks they were thought to be, or will beloved character actor Sam Rockwell and break out newbie Timothee Chalamet upset the current favorites?  Will Laurie Metcalf or Allison Janney win the battle of the feuding moms?  I have oh so many questions and can’t wait to answer them.  Tune in tonight to find out, and be back here in the morning for commentary on what it all means.

So You Think You Can Dance, Season 14: Performance Finale Reflections

E: I had to get something in before the show finishes, didn’t I?  Life’s been more than a bit overwhelming, but I have to say something, even at a rush.  The performance finale was a night of swoony, swoony dances, of standing ovations and kisses and fanning and tears.  It’s been a beautiful season and it’s too short and I just haven’t had enough time.  If this is the end of my beloved show (which I desperately hope it’s not) at least it will go out on a high note.

Instead of a recap, I just want to look at some pertinent questions.  Who’s going to win tonight, and which pieces will the judges choose to replay?  What was the best of season 14?

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So You Think You Can Dance: Top 9, Season 14

E: There was some seriously fantastic dance going on here tonight.  SERIOUSLY fantastic.  Each week this show keeps getting better!  I’m so grateful to have it back, I can’t even say.  Like last week, I’m going at this out of chronological order, but I think it’s a bit neater that way.

As perhaps a nod to last week’s disco-glam, Cat wears an 80s-inspired long sleeved black mini-dress with sharp shoulders which is laced up on each side through wide grommets.  She reminds us we’re going to lose one more dancer.  Boo.  But first, some great dancing.  So yay!

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So You Think You Can Dance: Meet the Top Ten, Season 14

E: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are officially underway.  Welcome to the live shows, the high point of the season!  It’s a little odd that we’re just starting this the second week in August, but as long as they don’t short change us on the goodness, then it’s all smiles from here.

You may have noticed that the editors totally snowed me with the last Academy Week episode; I guessed correctly on all the partnerships except the ones that got highlighted, and with those I was 0 for 3.  I’m embarrassed and annoyed with myself, and also a little peeved.  I guess those editors did their jobs well, though, amping up the drama where I hadn’t thought there was any before! Without delay, here are our pairs:

(Sorry, there clearly has been delay!  Hence I’m bringing both pieces the top ten performed in each show, together. Routine 1 is from Show 1, and Routine 2 and the solo are from Show 2.  Dance order comes from the first show.  Spoilery info woven through the whole.) Continue reading