Flashpoint: Broken Peace

M:¬†Thanks to the final Presidential debate, there was no new episode of Castle for us to review this week. In its place I am going to provide a PSA. Anyone who has read this space regularly knows that I have been a huge advocate of the Canadian show Flashpoint ever since coming across it on CBS’s summer line up a few years ago. Well, thanks to the ineptitude of Ion (the American network that is airing new episodes of it), I wasn’t able to write about it in our Fall TV previews, as no one had any clue when it was going to premiere. Thankfully my DVR was still set up to find it, and when the fifth and (completely bafflingly) final season premiered on October 16th, I was able to catch it. Let me just say, it is back, and better than ever. Since it’s your final chance to catch fresh episodes of what is literally one of the best shows on TV, and the best police procedural by far, I figured I’d do a public service and give you all the heads up. It’s on on Tuesdays (like tonight!) at 11:00 on Ion (which used to be PAX in another life).

From here on out there will be spoilers, so you have been warned.

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