June 2013 Movie Preview

C: After a big May for movies, you’d expect June to roar in with even more would-be blockbusters. Surprisingly… there are only a few. But there are also some that we hope will be little gems, and a mishmash of strange films, waiting at the starting gates.

M: It’s funny, you would expect June to be a huge “summer movie” month, but it never seems to be as big as either May or July. Bigger than August, yes, but never as many blockbuster releases. I’m sure there’s a monetary reason for it, but it’s still odd.

E: Whether it was the studios’ intent or not, I’m really looking forward to more than a few of these movies.

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Castle Review: “The Lives of Others”

C: Episode 5×19, “The Lives of Others”, might not have had anything to do with the remarkable German film of the same name, but it was — to put it mildly — inspired by the movies. To be specific, Hitchcock movies.

E: To be more specific, one of my favorite movies ever — Hitchcock’s Rear Window, the Jimmy Stewart/Grace Kelly masterpiece about a photo-journalist laid up with a leg in a cast, who becomes a little too entranced with lives of his neighbors.

M: His neighbor Raymond “Perry Mason” Burr, no less. And where Hitchcock is one of my all time favorites, I was ecstatic at what they chose for the show’s 100th episode. Let’s get to it! Continue reading

Castle Review: “Cloudy With a Chance of Murder”

C: Going by the second episode of season five, I’d say that Castle’s on form, but not quite at the top of its game. A fairly standard episode, weakened by a total lack of Martha and Alexis, and with not quite enough sizzle to the week’s mystery. Still, not bad.

E: I don’t know.  I missed Martha and Alexis, of course (jaunting through Europe to celebrate Miss Castle’s high school graduation) but I like the relationship stuff, and I was genuinely baffled over the mystery.

M: Baffled? Really? It was classic Castle, one of the first people you see, and the most recognizable guest star.

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Castle Review: “After the Storm”

C: Castle is back! With secret love in the air, and even more importantly, jokes. I have to say, we always complain that this show can’t balance humor and drama—that their serious episodes lack the witty bits that make the show great—but this episode bucked that trend.

E: No sooner did we grump about that in our fall TV preview, but they balanced both elements well!  Maybe they do read this blog…

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Castle Review: “An Embarrassment of Bitches”

C: As you might be able to guess from the title (maybe), this week’s subculture on Castle was the world of dog shows. Although in actuality, the episode was primarily concerned with the star of a Kardashian-like reality show and a Dog Whisperer. So, no Best in Show-style humor here.

E: That was rather disappointing, wasn’t it?  I wanted to spend more time with neurotic pet owners.

M: I agree, there was very little in the way of dipping into the dog show subculture, not at least to the usual Castle level.

E: On the other hand, it did lead to what might have been the funniest line of the show – papparazzi swarming over Castle, then backing away in disappointment. “Hey, that’s not Jason Bateman!”

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