Oscar 2015 Wrap Up – Winners and Losers

E: There’s something a little deflating about an Oscarcast when you don’t really like the film that wins.   I don’t expect it to be my favorite film of the year (though obviously that’s the ideal), but it’s still good to like the movie. It’s been since No Country For Old Men that I’ve felt so deflated; this year might be a little more disappointing, even, because while I liked Birdman more than No Country, I loved Boyhood, and was hoping against hope that it could pull out a better showing. Maybe it was that the marvelous Neil Patrick Harris wasn’t as consistently funny as I hoped, or maybe it’s just that the mad season of trying to see all the nominees is done with, but I’m feeling a lot tired, and a little melancholy.

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Golden Globe Preview 2015

E: Look, you know it’s going to be a great party.  You know there’ll be gorgeous celebrities in glorious gowns and slick tuxedos, practically stepping over each other to get to the open bar. This ward show has more A list stars backed into a smaller space than any other. There’ll be nutty moments and teary ones.  And Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are going to make us hurt-laugh.

The Golden Globes mark the turning point in the Oscar race between the critics prizes and the guild (i.e., industry) ones.  This is often the swing from an esoteric film to a more popular or audience pleasing one.  Many, though definitely not all, of those nominated tonight will go on to Oscar nominations. The winners can’t actually influence the Oscar nominations (they’ve already been voted on and will be announced on Thursday morning) but they can give us an idea of how Hollywood at large is feeling.  If you care about Oscar, there are few things that tonight’s telecast can tell us, and much of bit boils down to this: there are things we think we know, and things we know we don’t.  Will conventional wisdom prove correct? Here’s a quick overview (and look here for a list of all the nominees).

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May Movie Preview 2013

E: When did May becomes the best summer movie month?  Because the popcorn epics you long to see?  They’re in May. Those hot documentaries you want to see to impress your hipster friends?  They’re all in May.  The sequels?  May.  May May May May May.

M: Well, given that Star Wars opened in May in 1977, I think it’s been a while.

E: Yes, but it’s not just one movie.  It’s at least one every weekend, for five weekends in a row.  It’s awesome.

M: As for the “hot documentaries,” as you well know I have little interest in seeing anything to impress any hipsters, friend or foe. I’ll see the documentary if it’s interesting to me.

C: Yeah, hot documentaries seems like a contradiction in terms. And there are some good movies coming in June too. But May is starting off with a bang!

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