Memo to the Academy: Nominate John Noble Already!

E:  Let’s be frank.  Fringe is one of the best shows on television, but the audience isn’t there.  Sure, the show has buzz and the respect of critics, but that’s not what the network bosses most crave; it’s ratings, and Fringe hasn’t got ’em.

M: I’d argue that it had them before Fox started yanking it around the schedule, eventually dumping it in the graveyard know as Friday nights, but that’s irrelevant at this point.  Continue.

E: Thankfully we’re getting at least a half season to say goodbye to one of the best, brightest shows on television, but beyond those precious thirteen episodes, our love affair with the Fringe Division seems doomed.

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Fringe Season 3 Review: Holy Frak, What Was That?

M: Howdy folks.  I have to start with an apology/explanation.  I had fully intended to provide Fringe reviews for every episode this season and, as some of you may know, I did until around the mid season break.  Unfortunately, with great thanks to the federal government, my non-blogging life has been filled with a great deal of work, thus my blogging has suffered.  That said, E and I were recently talking about the Fringe season finale, and felt we owed it to you, our readers, to bring the discussion online.  After the jump we tackle the season finale, and the season in general, and there will be spoilers, so if you haven’t watched it, go watch it and then come back and read this!  E, start it off…

E:  Seriously?  What the frak?!

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Fringe Review: 6955 kHz

M: I have to start by saying, I’m torn about this episode.  There was a lot to like, an awful lot to like, in it.  There was a good episodic plot.  There was important overarching information.  There were major discoveries.  There were some classic Walter moments.  There was a huge amount of building up toward the conclusion of the two universes plot.  There was even Marshall from Alias!  The strange thing is, it didn’t all come together for me.  I’m not sure what it was, or wasn’t, or why, but it just didn’t blow me away the way Fringe does when it’s really good, and it was really good just last week. Continue reading

Fringe Review: Amber 31422

M: Now for the second part of the Fringe review double feature.  Keeping to this season’s pattern of, well, alternating universes, Amber 31422 is an alternate universe episode.  Like the previous alternate universe episode, The Plateau, we are presented with a Fringe Division case, with the overarching plot line interwoven through the investigation.  Like last season’s White Tulip, we get a powerfully understated and emotional guest performance, or, well, performances.  Also like White Tulip, it is a sad performance, and all is not well, as it does not end well.  Well, sort of.  Let me sum up.

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