June 2013 Movie Preview

C: After a big May for movies, you’d expect June to roar in with even more would-be blockbusters. Surprisingly… there are only a few. But there are also some that we hope will be little gems, and a mishmash of strange films, waiting at the starting gates.

M: It’s funny, you would expect June to be a huge “summer movie” month, but it never seems to be as big as either May or July. Bigger than August, yes, but never as many blockbuster releases. I’m sure there’s a monetary reason for it, but it’s still odd.

E: Whether it was the studios’ intent or not, I’m really looking forward to more than a few of these movies.

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April 2013 Movie Preview

M: We’re getting to the end of the box office doldrums. May officially starts the summer movie season, even if those of us in the northeast are still waiting impatiently for the “early” spring that Punxsutawney Phil promised us well over six weeks ago. With that said, April usually tosses in one or two things to get the ball rolling. I can’t speak for my sisters, but this year there’s one movie I’m really looking forward to, and one that I’m intrigued by against my better judgement. We’ll get to those. Once again, this is not a full and complete list, just the big films, and the small ones that may have piqued one of our interests.

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