2012 Fall TV Preview: Sunday

M: Welcome to the final day of the Relatively Entertaining Fall TV Previews! Over time, Sunday has gone from having an occasional good show, to having some good shows, to now being one of the top days for programming.

E: Some might even say the night.  Half the shows I watch are now on Sundays!

M: A few big time shows have moved to Sundays in the last two years, including E’s obsession The Good Wife, and the cable nets have declared Sunday the night for their critically acclaimed original shows — so this year, Sunday is pretty epic!  As always, here’s a quick key to help you as you read:

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Revenge: “Commitment”

C: As the show has been teasing for the last few weeks, the time was ripe for Daniel Grayson to pop the question. Not that he and Emanda have been dating all that long, but we’re counting down to his engagement party and murder here, and – let’s face it – he’s an impulsive romantic with poor judgment. The big question is, how did he get that way? Neither nature nor nurture can explain.

E: So true!  It’s quite inexplicable.

M: You two are way over-thinking this.  It’s a fairly smart guilty pleasure show, but I’m guessing that in writing this piece you guys have just spent more time thinking about the origins of Daniel’s impulsive romantic nature than the creator and writers of the show have.  Just go with it, on the importance scale it’s a 3 out of 100.

C: …and we only devoted a few sentences to it! But thank you for thought-policing.

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Revenge: “Infamy”

M: Ahh, Revenge is back, and so are we.  The show, after taking a few weeks off around Christmas and New Year’s, and us, after missing (well, not reviewing) the last couple episodes.  Instead of tracking back to those, we’ll assume you’ve seen and dissected them on your own, and head right into the new year’s fodder.

E: Eeeek!  Holy cow, was that a last minute twist or what?

M: That’s not where I was expecting to start, but holy cow I did NOT see that coming.  That was a great bit of Shyamalan-ing on their part, well done!

E: Right.  I suppose we  shouldn’t start with the ending, but sometimes, it’s really hard not to.

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Revenge: “Intrigue”

E: Yikes! So Lydia, as it turns out, is not dead but only–

C: Mostly dead?

M: Hoo hoo hoo, look who knows so much.

E: –in a coma, and so may live to feel the warmth of Victoria’s hatred burning for her another day.

C: The tension continues to ratchet up as Emanda and Nolan decide to deal with Frank by sending the Graysons the surveillance tape of Lydia’s almost-murder… Continue reading