Fall 2015 Television Preview: Thursday

E: Welcome to the Relatively Entertaining 2015 Fall Preview, Thursday night edition. And now, feel the power of Shonda Rhimes.  Feel it.  Feel it, I say!

C: No. I shall not. You may take my life, but you’ll never take my dislike of Rhimes’s self-absorbed characters.

M: FREEEEEDOOOOOOMMM!!!! I refuse to bow to the shrine of Shonda!

E: Good luck watching anything on ABC, then.

C: Okay, so I do think it’s valuable that Hollywood feels her power, in terms of representation and diversity. But I’ve never seen anything she wrote that I enjoyed.

M: I agree it’s important that Hollywood feel the power of representation and diversity. Like you, I just happen to think she’s a horrible vessel for it.

E: Hey, you take what you can get. Speaking of which, Thursday seem to be a very light day on cable.  Is Rhimes so powerful that she’s intimidated all the other content providers?  That’s not a serious question, but there’s definitely something up. Friday and Saturday teem with cool cable shows, overwhelming the paltry network offers, but on a Thursday?  Eerie silence.

C: Doesn’t that make perfect sense? Thursday night is a classic live-TV-watching night, while a lot of people watch cable shows on DVR, on demand, or online.

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Emmy Nomination Reactions 2015

E:  It’s bad news for the broadcast networks.  It’s bad news for The Good Wife.  But there’s stuff that has me smiling looking at this year’s Emmy nominations anyway.  Let’s chat a little about it, shall we?

For a list of the nominations — and man, there are a lot of them — check out the Emmy website here.

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2014 Emmy Nomination Reactions

E:  What does a broadcast drama have to do around here to be nominated?  Today nominations were announced for the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards.  There’s a lot to be excited about, but man.  If you’re a network executive in broadcast tv, you have a lot of soul searching to do.  A quick discussion of and response to the nods coming right up. Continue reading

Emmy Nominations 2012: Reaction

E: Last night I actually wrote and then scraped a post on the Emmy nominations, and my guesses and wishes about who might be nominated this morning.  It won’t be any surprise to regular readers that the nominations themselves are as ever a mixed bag for me.  There’s a pleasantly surprising amount of nods that make me happy.  There are a few omissions that shock me, and some that I hoped would happen, but weren’t expecting.  Here’s the big stuff:

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