It’s the #WhitemansOscar: Nomination Reactions, 2020

E: Yep, that’s what I figured was going to happen.   Oscar loves what it loves – in this case, Joker, 1917, Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood, and The Irishman.  Films by white men, for white men, starring white men, featuring almost no women or people of color.  Let’s review:

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Fall 2015 Television Preview: Tuesday

M: Welcome back to the Relatively Entertaining 2015 Fall TV Previews! We’re moving on to Tuesday, after a rousing fare of shows set to air on Mondays.

C: Yes, but rousing what, is the question… And if you answered, “my anger,” well, we’ve got nothing on par with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for you today, but smarmy masculinist culture still makes an appearance. Happily, so do Rob Lowe and the Muppets!

M: Pretty sure “masculinist” isn’t a word, so let’s move on from it.

C: Good grief, the very least you could do is use google.

E: Okay, this is a TV preview, not a debate among lexicographers, siblings! Tuesdays bring us a little less reality TV and a combination of sitcoms, science fiction and procedurals.

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March 2014 Movie Preview

E: The Quibbling Siblings are crazy about March; we’ve been waiting for this month for a year.  Why, might you ask?  I’ll give you a hint for the first exciting arrival: we’re Marshmallows.

C: By the way, this preview’s going to be M-lite (increasingly as you scroll down), since he and Mrs. M have their own exciting new arrival, of a non-cinematic variety, debuting. Like, right now, as we write this!

E: That’s right – a very special ingenue will have made her first appearance just before you read this.  Our new niece is March’s most exciting release for our family.

C: Sorry, Veronica Mars!  But we’ve got lots of love left over for you — promise.

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Oscar Nomination Predictions, 2012

E: Here it is again, that time of year.   It’s the culmination of a year’s worth of film (much of which, depending on where you live, probably still hasn’t come to a theater near you).  It’s the culmination of a year’s worth of guesses, of anticipation, of pedigreed films which fell flat at the box office or with the critics, with festival darlings who may or may not make the grade, with movies flying under the general radar, but worth the search.  Ready for a month of marathon movie watching?  Ready to make those final guesses?  Ready to get up early tomorrow and hear the news?

The nominations always bring greater surprises than the actual awards; that makes nomination day my favorite of the awards season.  Let’s start with one of the worst categories – but I’m going to leave the very most important and very worst of all, Best Picture with its uncertain number of honorees, for last.  And as always, I will be hoping to be wrong.

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