It’s the #WhitemansOscar: Nomination Reactions, 2020

E: Yep, that’s what I figured was going to happen.   Oscar loves what it loves – in this case, Joker, 1917, Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood, and The Irishman.  Films by white men, for white men, starring white men, featuring almost no women or people of color.  Let’s review:

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Fall 2015 Television Preview: Tuesday

M: Welcome back to the Relatively Entertaining 2015 Fall TV Previews! We’re moving on to Tuesday, after a rousing fare of shows set to air on Mondays.

C: Yes, but rousing what, is the question… And if you answered, “my anger,” well, we’ve got nothing on par with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for you today, but smarmy masculinist culture still makes an appearance. Happily, so do Rob Lowe and the Muppets!

M: Pretty sure “masculinist” isn’t a word, so let’s move on from it.

C: Good grief, the very least you could do is use google.

E: Okay, this is a TV preview, not a debate among lexicographers, siblings! Tuesdays bring us a little less reality TV and a combination of sitcoms, science fiction and procedurals.

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March 2014 Movie Preview

E: The Quibbling Siblings are crazy about March; we’ve been waiting for this month for a year.  Why, might you ask?  I’ll give you a hint for the first exciting arrival: we’re Marshmallows.

C: By the way, this preview’s going to be M-lite (increasingly as you scroll down), since he and Mrs. M have their own exciting new arrival, of a non-cinematic variety, debuting. Like, right now, as we write this!

E: That’s right – a very special ingenue will have made her first appearance just before you read this.  Our new niece is March’s most exciting release for our family.

C: Sorry, Veronica Mars!  But we’ve got lots of love left over for you — promise.

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