Fall TV Preview 2011: Monday

M: Welcome to day two of our yearly Fall TV preview.  As in past years, we’re going through each night of the week and list what the major networks are putting forth for you, the TV viewer.  We’ll try to hit up on the major shows on the not-so-major networks, too.  If we miss something, please comment and let us know, and we can make sure to include it in the future, and to heap praise or snark on it in our responding comments!  Oh, and in case you haven’t seen our past previews, here’s a quick key:

  • Titles in blue are new this season.
  • Each * means one Quibbling Sibling will be tuning in.
  • For Saturday and Sunday’s preview click here. Continue reading

LOST Review: The End

M: We have come to the end of Lost.  Before we get into the details and the breakdown, I want to take a moment to take a step back and take in the true impact of the show.  Lost has been the first true TV phenomenon of the internet era.  The first show that captivated audiences in a way that went beyond what they watched on TV, and what they talked about the day after the show.  Lost became the thing that people, myself included as Mrs M can attest, obsessed over.  The thing that we yearned for more information on, but the thing that more information was available for.  We scoured the internet for other people’s theories, or to share our own.  We looked for images of things we may have missed, for the Lost Experience, and for any little scrap we could find.  We looked for a better screen cap of the blast door map, or a translation of the latin written on it.  We looked for someone who knew how to translate hieroglyphics to find out what was in the smoke monster chamber underneath the temple’s outer wall.  We yearned for answers to questions, both large and small, and we yearned to find out what happened to the characters that we came to care about.  In doing so, we helped Lost to change the face of TV.  The bar has been set to a new height.  The level has been raised.  The smoke monster is out of the bottle, and there’s no putting it back.  Every network will be looking for the show that connects with audiences, makes them as rabid as the Lost fan base, and gives them the kind of mysteries to keep them interested throughout the week, the characters to keep them wanting to learn more and more, and the writing to enjoy even the bad episodes.  And every network will flush perfectly good (but not great) shows like FlashForward down the drain before they can take off because they don’t live up to Lost.  It’s a new world. Continue reading

LOST Review: What They Died For

M: I hope you weren’t one of the scores of people who felt that Lost would never actually answer any questions.  If you were, you’ve got to be feeling pretty sheepish right about now.  Not only is Lost answering questions, not only are they answering big HUGE questions, but they are ramping up for the ending, providing a path to an end that people might actually be happy with, and doing it in a package that is pretty frakkin’ entertaining, well written and acted.  In other words, Lost brought their A game tonight! Continue reading

LOST Review: Across The Sea

M: For most of this season, the tag line for Lost has been “The time for questions is over”.  Well, the time for questions isn’t remotely over, and I’m pretty willing to bet it wont be over at 11:30 on May 23rd either, but the time for answers has certainly arrived….  whether we like or understand them all is a different story.  Across The Sea gave us the story, from birth through, well, rebirth, of Jacob and the Man In Black.  I know it wasn’t at all the story that I was expecting, I’m willing to bet it wasn’t the story you were expecting, either. Continue reading

LOST Recap: Four Episodes To Go

M: Last night instead of a new episode of Lost, we got a rerun of one of the best episodes of the season, Ab Aeterno.  Obviously, with nothing new, I have no recap of this week’s events, nothing particularly new to share.  So all we’re going with this week is a little recap of our own, putting out some theories on what is happening and what might come in the final four episodes, which includes the 2 hour series finale.  At the bottom will be links to all my reviews from this season.

Quick programming note, the finale will be on SUNDAY May 23rd, not on it’s usual Tuesday night! Continue reading

LOST Review: The Last Recruit

M: I’ll start right off with the fact that I’m not sure what to write this week, so if this is short, or scattered or just plain lame, my apologies in advance.  I like this episode, a good deal happened, I’m just not sure I have all that much rattling around in my head this time.  Here are some of the thoughts, and as always, spoilers abound. Continue reading