November 2012 Movie Preview

E:  Now we’re getting down to it!  November begins the holiday movie season, bringing a blend of family adventure, cartoon, comedy, and awards-bait drama that’s hard to beat.

C: November is also, apparently, the month of movies about one man. But there’s still plenty of variety, depending on whether you prefer a super-spy, a president, a pilot, an actor, a director, an Indian teenager, a video game villain, or a real-life rockstar.

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April Movie Preview

April 1st


M: I can’t even begin to express how little interest I have for this.  It might be because of the over-marketing.  It might be because of James Marsden.  It might be because it just looks terrible.

E: Agreed.  Ack.

C: But–Penny from The Big Bang Theory is in it! Okay, so she co-stars with annoying-looking animated chickens and rabbits, but I’m happy to see her getting movie work. It does look pretty atrocious… but you have to admire the sheer financial craftiness of the studio, who obviously saw an opportunity to fill an empty niche: the Easter kids’ movie. Decent or awful, this will no doubt be shown on TV every year from next on.

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Super… uh, “Big Game”… Bowl Commercial Reviews

M: Hey, sorry about that title, but we don’t want to get sued.  No, I’m serious, a couple years ago the NFL went after a church in Indiana for having a “SuperBowl” party without getting the expressed written consent of the National Football League to use the term.  And, frankly, we don’t have the money to sustain a law suit.  So, our apologies.  Anyway, the SuperBowl this year was very entertaining, while the commercials this year were, well, not so hot.

E: Really?  I thought many were pretty good, if overly-beery.

M: See, that’s just it.  Some, maybe even many, of them were good, but so many were either lousy, or just lame, so the overall was disappointing.  It’s funny, where the game itself, has been consistently good the last few years, but not historically.  The commercials have been just the opposite, out of the park good historically, but not so much the last few years.  We figured we give out take on some of the best and worst of the commercials.  Check them out, after the jump… Continue reading