Half-Blood Prince Roundtable

Ahoy, C here! M, E and I went to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince together the other night (their first viewing, my second) and since most people have had time to see the movie by now, we thought it would be fun to share our reactions and opinions in roundtable format.

So grab a butterbeer and a comfortable chair, and settle in for a new edition of The Quibbler! (We won’t be on guard for spoilers, so read at your own risk.)

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Meet Harry Potter

C: It occurred to me that some of our readers might find this enjoyable or useful.  My roommate came to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince but had never seen any of the previous movies.  She asked me to catch her up on the essential plot points and characters, so I created this little guide with visuals. (Spoilers for 1-5, obviously.)

Harry Potter: The Illustrated Cliff Notes, Page 1

Harry Potter: The Illustrated Cliff Notes, Page 2

Film Review: Harry Potter and the Fortress of Snoggitude

C: Last night I attended a midnight screening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  As it’s one of my favorites among the books, and as I loved the slick feel of the fifth movie (for which David Yates, director of that one and this, surely deserves at least partial credit), I was cautiously optimistic about this film.

The crowd was excited too.  I had on my Weird Sisters t-shirt, but there were much more motivated fans in the theater; I saw a few cloaks, several Hogwarts uniforms, and one boy who appeared to be dressed as that very fey angel in X-Men 3.  I love opening night crowds.

When the movie got out, it was 2:45am.  I had a few leftover tears in my eyes and an overall feeling of contentment.  Once again, the Harry Potter franchise has turned out an abridgment of the novel which does an admirable job of winning your emotional involvement, giving you likable heroes to root for, and creating an atmosphere of magic.  This installment is also particularly funny.  It’s not without it’s problem areas, however…

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If You Want Sex, Read the Fan Fiction

E here, with spoilers… and I know that’s possible to do, since my brother stubbornly refuses to read these books, the turkey. (M: Actually, I’ve read all seven books, thank you very much!)

There’s been minor fluff on the interwebs lately about Harry Potter and Sex. No, Daniel Radcliffe hasn’t been naked on stage again; there’ve just been a few early reviews of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince which refer to the film as sexy. Couple that with the director’s previous statement that the film is all about hormones, and what any reader knows about the plot, and you’ve got a lot of folks wondering; how much sex IS there in the new Harry Potter movie, and is a sexed up Hogwarts a good or bad thing?

Chief among the wonderers is Alyssa Rosenberg of The Atlantic, herself inspired by a somewhat rambling piece written for The Atlantic by James Parker (whose head explodes at the thought of a co-ed boarding school). Entertainment Weekly, no doubt among others, responds with a precise and pithy web piece by Jean Bentley which cuts right to Alyssa’s most controversial contention:

“J.K. Rowling, for all that she’s created a compelling universe, is really awful at writing about adult sexual and romantic relationships.”

Actually, perhaps that’s not the kicker. Rosenberg later offers up this gem:

“Rowling never gives readers a single detailed description of an adult sexual relationship. ”

Well, duh.

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