November 2016 Movie Preview: Part Deux

E: Sorry for the delay, friends — after a fraught election week and all, we’re belatedly bringing you the rest of November’s movie offerings. Also, all three siblings have gone since last we wrote — and you know what?  Despite my dread, Trolls was pretty enjoyable.

M: And C and I separately saw Doctor Strange, which is not the best Marvel movie ever, but despite that is quite entertaining.

E: As with November’s first week, there are some pretty fine offerings to be had.  If you’re looking for a distraction, your multiplex can definitely accommodate you for a few hours.

C: There’s also a fair bit of random garbage, but yeah, some strong contenders too — one of which I already have tickets for. And if you all don’t know that’s Fantastic Beasts, you don’t know me.

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Fall 2016 Television Preview: Thursday

M: Remember when Thursday nights were the hands-down dominant TV night? Well, now there’s not a lot that even looks interesting to me here.

E: And I’m sure that’s nothing to do with the fact that it’s a soap-heavy night.

M: There have been a lot of factors going into that (Shonda *bleeping* Rhimes, shows that ran their course and ended, DVR’s, the advent of Thursday Night Football, etc), but what’s left is a slate of shows most of which are either past their prime (Grey’s, Supernatural), never had a prime (How To Get Away With Murder, Legends of Tomorrow, Mom) or are new shows the nets are hoping will become the next big thing (Pitch, Pure Genius, Great Indoors, Good Place). There are still a few big shows like Big Bang, for example, but that’s not even on Thursdays until mid-fall.

E: Several other popular shows have delayed their premieres until 2017: Scandal will return after star Kerry Washington’s maternity leave, and Bones has 12 episodes to finish up the series.  So we’re not covering them.

C: And we already discussed Big Bang. In case you need to catch up, here are the links to the previews of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

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Covert Affairs: Walter’s Walk

E: Do me a favor, y’all, okay?  This episode begins with a dreaming Annie reliving her beautifully lit romance with Ben Mercer, and the moment in last week’s episode where he saved her life.  If you’re going to go through all the sexy footage repeatedly, though, could ya please get some new stuff?  Or just tone it down a little?  Also, do you suppose the agents cars get bomb-sniffed everyday?

And, get out of town!  Eric Lively is out – with no further explanation that the phrase “now that we’ve lost Conrad” – and Mohinder Suresh of Heroes is in!  Aw, networks suits, what’s the deal?   I’m never going to convince C she ought to watch this show if this keeps up.  Mohinder – er, that is, Sendhil Ramamurthy – plays Jai Wilcox, CIA royalty and interloper into Joan’s department, sent there by Arthur to keep tabs on Annie and watch out for the mysterious Ben Mercer.  Oh, very interesting.  Jai gets Auggie’s back up immediately, not least when he claims Joan is thrilled to have him there. “That sounds like Joan – to be thrilled with an interloper installed in her division!”  That’s why it’s interesting – Auggie is very smooth, but Jai gets right under his protecting layers. Oh, ans speaking of revelations, did I mention that Arthur was married to someone else when he and Joan fell in love?  No wonder she’s insecure about their relationship.  Also, this may be just me, but I’d love to know what name Annie knew Ben by.  I somehow suspect it wasn’t his real one.

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