2018 SAG Awards: It’s Coming At You

E: The year of the woman continues, at least in name: for the first time, this show has a host (the talented and extravagantly likable Kristin Bell) and (at least according to some sources) only female presenters.  I’m very curious as to how this will play out; will SAG continue the tradition of having speakers from the audience explain what it means to them to be an actor?  And in the days of Time’s Up and MeToo, what could that mean?

In Oscar news, tonight’s broadcast gives us our first to chance to see if Gary Oldman and Sam Rockwell really are locks, or if Timothee Chalamet and Willem Dafoe can unseat them.  Will Allison Janney’s villainous stage mom thump all comers, or does Laurie Metcalf’s more realistic pessimist have a shot in the battle of the overbearing mothers? It sets up our first look at Frances McDormand and Saoirse Ronan going head to head for best actress.  In most years the ingenue has the advantage, but in 2018 it’s more of a question.  It’s even a question whether we can call Ronan an ingenue, given that she has 2 Oscar nominations and nearly a decade’s worth of leading roles to her credit even at 23.

It won’t give us certainty, but tonight’s show could absolutely add to the confusion between The Shape of Water and Three Billboards Outside Epping, Missouri.  A win by either couldn’t be a decisive victory at this point, but a win by a third film would muddy up the waters pretty beautifully.  Sure, the tv awards don’t include anything you haven’t seen win at the Emmy’s and the Globes, but the actors and actresses still have a lot to say.  So if you’re sick of football, seek out tonight’s ceremony on TNT and TBS at 8 East Standard Time.  Things look like they might be pretty new.

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