Dear Hollywood, Let’s Talk About Living Your Politics

C: Hey there, Hollywood. Did you know a lot of people think you’re “too liberal”? One’s another writer for this blog, in fact. But I gotta say: I’m not seeing it when it comes to this Casey Affleck situation.

E’s the prediction guru around here, but I have one rock-solid prediction for the 2017 Academy Awards ceremony: we’re going to hear some statements made against Trump. You know, the guy who sexually harassed women who worked with him, made them feel deeply uncomfortable and belittled, came on to them despite them being married or not interested, touched them without their permission, and used his star power to get away with it all. Just like your front-running Best Actor nominee.

From football to politics, this culture has a history of overlooking men’s treatment of women because we like what they’re doing otherwise. Despite the fact that jobs like, say, being the star of a movie or the president of a country can’t actually be accomplished without working with women — women whose hard work in supporting positions is essential to the overall success of the undertaking — we still manage to class misogyny and harassment as side-issues, not relevant to the man’s accomplishment.

No one is questioning that Affleck gave a great performance. But every year, some great performances don’t take home an Oscar. That award, by the way, is “Best Actor,” not “Best Performance.” Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, what makes a good actor in your eyes? What ideal will you hold up for the American public to admire?

Hollywood, I hope you change your mind about this. Because Constance Wu is perfectly right to say that “Casey Affleck’s win will be a nod to Trump.” And your inevitable statements at this year’s award ceremony about equality, acceptance, respect, and love will ring a little false on that account.



TV actress Constance Wu: on point regarding hair + this issue

One comment on “Dear Hollywood, Let’s Talk About Living Your Politics

  1. M says:

    So, you know how I hate to quibble, but have to point out a few things:

    1) It actually *is* “Best Performance by an Actor in a Lead Role,” we just refer to it as “Best Actor.”

    2) You forgot to mention former Misogynist -in-Chief Bill Clinton, who is beloved by Hollywood and the entire political left, who make excuses for his every misogynist move (including as recent as his getting busted by Hillary staring at Ivanka during the inauguration).

    3) For legal purposes, I have to state that the things you mentioned about the current Misogynist-in-Chief are alleged. Make no mistake, I’m not defending him AT ALL, I just don’t put it past him or his legal team to sue a small-potatoes blog like ours, so, gotta cya.

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