Awards Party Insanity: Golden Globe Preview 2016

E: From the perspective of an Oscar-watcher, the Hollywood Foreign Press’s annual Golden Globe awards give you two fun things: an entertaining broadcast bursting with gorgeous, well dressed tipsy celebs, and also, a lot of information.  And in a year as unsettled as this one, we can sure use both the fun and the data.  So here’s your reminder to turn on the TV and tune in to NBC, and also a few words about what you might possibly see when you get there.

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What’s Opening While You’re Repeat-Viewing Star Wars: Movie Preview January 2016

E: Oh, come on, let’s be honest about it. If I wasn’t hunting down Oscar flicks (many of which open in wide release in January, like Spotlight, Carol and The Danish Girl), I’d be at the theater watching The Force Awakens at least once a week. You know you all want to. And the January slate isn’t exactly tempting any of us to do otherwise.

M: While I don’t think I’d make it once a week (as much as I liked it, I still have four kids, including a one year old, and far too many responsibilities), before I start watching trailers the only thing I see that would even contend with another viewing of TFA is Kung Fu Panda 3, and that’s a very weak maybe.

E: Well, I haven’t made it once a week, but I did bring my four kids to see it twice already.  Who knows how many more viewings will be in their future?  Plus you and C and I wanted to go once just three of us to geek out together… if poor C ever can get time away from the job hunting and wedding planning that’s preventing her from joining in this month.

M: Not to mention dissertation writing and speaking at conferences. She’s a busy lass, that little sister of ours.

E: I think there’s one more movie on this list that might be theatrical-level watchable, but we’ll get to that. Kung Fu Panda‘s certainly the one I’m mostly likely to take my kids to. Otherwise, it’s all Star Wars and Oscar movies for me.  In fact, I’m literally headed to the theater to see pseudo-frontrunner Spotlight right after we finish this.

M: We’ll get into Oscar more in the months ahead, but I don’t know if “pseudo-frontrunner” is even appropriate, as every different precursor awards is picking different things, and leaving different things, including all the favorites, off. Anyway, back to January movies, which we’re a week late for, largely because nothing much opened on January 1st.

E: Exactly. Remember the abundance of December?  It hogged two months worth of movies and left January with tiny scraps. In other words, 2016 starts with a whimper.

Week 1 – Anomalisa, Yosemite

Week 2 – The Forest, Diablo

Week 3 – 13 Hours, Norm of the North, Ride Along 2

Week 4 – The 5th Wave, Dirty Grandpa, The Boy, Synchronicity, Terminus

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