Emmy Nomination Reactions 2015

E:  It’s bad news for the broadcast networks.  It’s bad news for The Good Wife.  But there’s stuff that has me smiling looking at this year’s Emmy nominations anyway.  Let’s chat a little about it, shall we?

For a list of the nominations — and man, there are a lot of them — check out the Emmy website here.

First among my reasons for rejoicing are the 8 nominations for So You Think You Can Dance.  Huzzah, Spencer Liff, Travis Wall and Sonya Tayeh for your choreography nods — not to mention SYT alum Witney Carson, nominated for her season winning work with Alfonso Riberio on Dancing With The Stars.  Sure, Derek Hough will probably beat all of them (AGAIN), but it’s still good to see.  How about this is the year that Cat Deeley, the most charming and talented host in the biz, gets herself an Emmy?  Finally?

Then obviously I’m very pleased for PBS and Downton Abbey, with its nominations for best drama series as well as supporting nods for Jim Carter and Joanne Froggatt.  A huge delight was Tatiana Maslany’s long deserved nomination for Orphan Black.  Way to finally get on the bandwagon, Emmy!

Game of Thrones did well as it always does, with nominations drama series, writing, directing, and also not merely the expects nod for Peter Dinklage but ones for Lena Headey, Emilia Clark and Diana Rigg.

Let me rant for a minute, okay?  If you read this space, you know I pretty much hated this season of my favorite show, so I’m not surprised that The Good Wife didn’t manage to snag a drama series nod or a lead actress one for Juliana Margulies, who won the category last year.  It did snag the somewhat routinely expected nods for Alan Cumming and Christine Baranksi in supporting, and for Michael J. Fox as a guest actor.  But.  Practically the only redeeming feature of this season was the brilliant work by Matt Czuchry, and I am beyond disappointed at his consistent exclusion. I love Alan Cummings, I truly do, but his character didn’t have a big storyline this season, while character Cary Agos’s unjust prosecution dominated the first half of the show and the actor used his time in the spotlight with mastery.  Either the industry has an immovable prejudice against young and attractive male actors (something fairly clear from the list), or whoever ran his awards campaign needs to seriously rethink their life choices. Or both.

And, let’s see.  Someone finally acknowledges that Orange is the New Black isn’t a comedy.  Good.  I’m vaguely surprised to see Better Call Saul on the drama series list — I didn’t get the impression it packed the punch of its predecessor, Breaking Bad — instead of True Detective.  I’m less surprised to see the soapy titan Empire fail to make the grade, though of course I’m happy to see Taraji P. Henson make the lead actress list.  I’d heard that Homeland had a better year than last, but I thought that House of Cards was reputed to be off its game, so I’m slightly surprised to see both of these perennial faves make the not-so-short list. In comedy, the clear snug is The Big Bang Theory, a diss that embraces lead actor Jim Parsons as well.  As it is, Modern Family and Parks & Rec stand as the sole broadcast nominees in the comedy field; Downton Abbey, as the sole drama nod, isn’t even produced by one of the big five networks.  And speaking of that fifth network, the Golden Globe’s beloved Jane the Virgin fails to make the grade as series or for star Gina Rodriguez.  It’s a good year, however, for Gaby Hoffman (twice nominated for Transparent and as a guest actress on Girls), David Oyelowo, Amy Schumer and for anyone involved in Dancing With The Stars, Top Chef, Project Runway, Veep, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Bessie, Wolf Hall, American Crime, and American Horror Story.

What did you guys think?  What snubs bothered you most?  Which nominations are you most excited about?

5 comments on “Emmy Nomination Reactions 2015

  1. Toni-ann says:

    I was really pulling for Jane The Virgin and Gina, but I guess there’s always next year :/

  2. SusieQ says:

    I can’t believe that Outlander didn’t receive any major nominations. Anyone who has seen that show knows there is some major, major acting, writing, and directing going on there. Of course, they only watched the first eight episodes. It didn’t really get into the meaty stuff until the second half of the series. I agree with you about Matt Czuchry. He should have been nominated long ago, but especially this year.

    • E says:

      Oh, that’s a really good point, Susie. I’ve only seen the first 8 episodes myself, but I thought Outlander was pretty terrific. Emmy tends to favor shows that I don’t, though, so I’m not too surprised.

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