Hot Damn: SAG Just Made It A Race!

E: Maybe, anyway.

As you likely know by now, most of the Screen Actor’s picks went as anticipated: Boyhood‘s Patricia Arquette for supporting actress, Whiplash‘s J.K. Simmon’s for supporting actor, and Still Alice‘s Julianne Moore for best actress.  That’s as far as collective wisdom went, however. Presumptive favorite Boyhood was knocked aside by Birdman for best cast, but Birdman‘s star Michael Keaton was passed over for The Theory of Everything‘s Eddie Redmayne.  And while the Birdman cast fluttered about for a cohesive subject in their speech, Redmayne was sweet and affecting, dedicating his win to all people with ALS and their families and praising their resiliency of spirit. (I thought it was a lovely touch, too, that he mentioned not only his fellow nominees but many of the terrific performances that didn’t get nominated this year, like Timothy Spall’s in Mr. Turner.) These events may say more about best actor than they do about picture, but either way it’s hard to know more than the fact that the community is spreading their love around this year.

Which means there’s still a little left to wonder about and learn this year, and that’s just how I like it.  Just when I thought things were getting dull, SAG-AFTRA came charging in to the rescue.


3 comments on “Hot Damn: SAG Just Made It A Race!

  1. MMGF says:

    Booooo! Keaton deserves the Oscar! 😦
    Although… Best Picture is fascinating. There was some rumbling that Birdman might take the SAG, because it was a real “actor’s” movie. And it did. People still thought something else, like Boyhood, the alleged front-runner, would take the Oscar, without the acting branch’s help. But then Birdman took the PGA, too. Maybe the “little” movie that takes the Best Picture Oscar won’t be Boyhood, but will be Birdman? Or the movie burning down the box office, with the momentum, American Sniper? Unless “liberal Hollywood” revolts against that, and picks what pundits call the political opposite, Selma? Not that The Theory of Everything or The Imitation Game aren’t in the running. Or The Grand Budapest Hotel, which shocked everyone with how well it did getting nominations. Heck, maybe the other guy, Whiplash, should just take it…?
    Talk about a wide open year.

    • E says:

      Really, really fascinating.

      I can absolutely see actors being overly fond of Birdman – the whole backstage at the theater thing reminded me very strongly of Noises Off, which I had a bit part in freshman or sophomore year. The PGA, now that’s another story; it could be a The King’s Speech/Social Network situation with the critics (including the Globes) going for one pic and the guilds going for another, but Birdman is hardly the heart-warming crowd-pleaser that TKS was. I was expecting something to supplant Boyhood this whole time, finally gave up, and now maybe it’s happening but not the obvious type of film. I guess we need to be watching BAFTA now and see which way they go!

  2. mitchteemley says:

    I’m a SAG member, and only voted for a few of those who won. Ah, well, that’s showbiz!

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