Golden Globes 2015: Winners and Reactions

E:  Well, that was pretty fun, huh?  We got some new blood – especially in the television awards – and a lot of never-before rewarded veterans also got noticed after (in some cases) decades of quieter excellence.  Really, the only disappointment is that Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are insisting on retiring as hosts.  Those women should host everything.

All of the wins make a good bit of sense.  Supporting winners J.K. Simmons and Patricia Arquette delivered on their frontrunner status. The always delightful Amy Adams’ star is on the rise, and as the best actress (comedy) winner, she again has a strong shot of taking that fifth slot among the Oscar nominees Thursday, just like she did last year.  Julianne Moore continues a series of triumphs that will (fingers crossed) result in her finally winning that long overdue Oscar.  In accepting best actor in a comedy, Michael Keaton was emotional and touching — crying when he spoke about his son — if a little unfocused; Eddie Redmayne edged out the other drama nominees for the win there, and was adorable and gracious.  Does the young Brit have a shot at beating Keaton to the Oscar?  That might be the one race that has yet to be locked down.

I have to say, I really haven’t been sold on Boyhood as the reigning movie of the year, not for Oscar, anyway, which generally prefers bombast and spectacle and epic themes.  I’m beginning to be converted, however. It does seem like this year the best reviewed movie of the year might also take home best picture (a very unusual occurrence), despite the fact that virtually no one besides the critics have seen it.  Like The Social Network, it could still lose, but the window for a challenger to present itself is shrinking rapidly. Richard Linklater (who won my heart long ago with Before Sunrise) took home the trophies for best director and best film.  Though the Globes and Oscars don’t always match up, this is the best indication yet that Boyhood will push through and dominate on the one night bigger than this last one.

Generally when the Cecil B. DeMille award comes on, I try to be respectful about it and not get too bored. Or just go get a snack. George Clooney, however, was a delight to listen to and see in clip shows: wry, amusing, and finally adorably touching when speaking of his wife, and the emotional impact of finding love after searching for it for 53 years.  Best dig of the opening monologue was absolutely the segment about Amal Alamuddin Clooney’s resume and the irony of giving George a lifetime achievement award in comparison, though it was closely followed by Tina Fey’s crack about the length of time it takes to prepare for the role of “human woman.”  Ladies, I will say it again. You will be missed.  The only thing that can make us all okay with you leaving the Globes is the idea of you going to the Oscars in 2016.

I’m happy for television newbies The Affair and Transparent, as well as absolutely enchanting Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez (“Dad, I can and I did!”).  The Golden Globes excel at this, recognizing new talent. Both the Transparent team and Rodriguez made touching remarks about representing minorities on screen – people, as Rodriguez put it nicely, who want to see themselves as heroes.  I love it when winners speak to the larger themes of their work!  I liked, too, seeing Affair show runner  Sarah Treem comment about the way writing a show about infidelity made her more appreciative of the beauty of marriage.

In a much lighter vein, whoever dressed the gorgeous Rosamund Pike is guilty of a criminal offense; pristine hair and make up, yes, from the neck down?  A structured dress is not supposed to hang off you like that.  I could say the same for Lena Dunham’s dress, which was so weirdly ill-fitting that she looked badly photoshopped. And it pains me to say it, but there was something very wrong with the proportions of my beloved Julianna Margulies’ ensemble.  In better news, Lupita Nyongo continues her reign as a queen of gorgeous gowns (although the hipster glasses were an odd touch); is there any color she doesn’t look stunning in? It’s very different, but I loved those bold purple flowers.  This year’s adorable celebrity offspring and queen of alliteration Miss Golden Globe Greer Grammar wore another of my favorite dresses, a peachy-cream strapless gown with gold flowers.  I was also a big fan of Julianne Moore’s silver sequins into hombred feathers gown, Naomi Watt’s yellow column and Salma Hayek’s belted silver damask.  In fact, to continue the color thread, I think Ruth Wilson looked pretty great in green even if I’m not entirely sold on the fabrication.  Matt Bomer looks spectacular (I mean, of course he did) and even though I was deeply disappointed by the narrative structure of The Normal Heart, I thought the acting was wonderful and was particularly pleased to see Bomer (who gets perhaps more attention for his looks and charm than his skill) be acknowledged for such a demanding role.

And finally, surprise supporting actress winner Joanne Froggatt of Downton Abbey.  Her character Anna is the warm heart of the show, and so her brutal storyline last year was utterly devastating.  The delightfully appreciative Joanne was lovely as an angel from her braided corona to her strapless beaded column gown (this girl is young and beautiful; why can’t we see her with a handsome, age-appropriate guy?), and the moment in her speech, where she expressed the hope that this recognition meant that rape victims felt even a little bit like the world heard them, was the highlight of the telecast for me.

What about you?  What did you like about the show?  Do you care about the implications for Oscar, or are you just there for the laughs and the clothes?  You know I’m always ready to talk.


2 comments on “Golden Globes 2015: Winners and Reactions

  1. MMGF says:

    I obviously jumped and leaped and clapped for Gina Rodriguez. YAY! I hope it brings a few more viewers to the show. It’s so entertaining.

    Arquette, Simmons, Keaton and Moore? That was like a dream, it was so delightful.

    (Oh, and I think the problem with Julianna Margulies’s dress was that the length was awkward.)

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