So You Think You Can Dance: Season 11, Top Eight

E: Man.  Nigel – or somebody – really loves Michael Jackson, huh?  The show’s second tribute evening to the King of Pop goes pretty well.  The Control Freaks are in top form. Just a few words after the break before I head off!

First, I’m pretty sure I forgot to mention this detail last week, but it’s too delicious to ignore – did anyone else notice the newspaper old man tWitch was reading at the bus stop?  It was the prop from “Love Cats” – with the headline reading “Hot Kitty in the City” – with Amelia and Will.  Nice reference, Nappy Tabs!

Second, Cat’s dress.  Oh my Lord.  Structured white dress with a big old belt and a little cinched in waist and a cape!  A cape!  Oh my gosh.  Like nothing we’ve ever seen her in, very different from the loose looks she’s sported the last few weeks, and utterly stunning.

As for tonight’s actual dances, I think my favorite routine might actually have been Rudy and Allison’s “Dirty Diana,” although that was at least 75% due to Allison, who is just amazing.   Did anyone else think she looked like Helena from Orphan Black?  I can’t help thinking that was intentional; it’s very appropriate considering Allison’s obsessed character, and very very creepy.  I’m super alarmed to hear that the live show was the first time Rudy properly executed that incredible list.  (Wacky news item: Allison’s going to be a new pro on the next season of Dancing With The Stars.  Um, good for her?  Except, you know she’s a contemporary dancer, right?  Not to doubt her prowess, but I’m confused as to why she’d want to do it – money? stability – and why they’d pick someone who isn’t a ballroom dancer.) Other thoughts – great costumes and especially hair on the opening number.  I loved Jacque’s hair in her hip hop (though I really don’t understand how the admittedly cool movement had anything to do with the post-apocalyptic decor) as well.  Looking sexier than we ever imagined she could, Valerie rocked her extensions and her sequined dress.  Unlike the judges, I thought she had a lot of problems although she did also have some serious high points.  Jessica’s show closing routine – honestly, that didn’t make a lot of sense to me, either.  I love Mandy Moore, and I love the concept, and I thought it started off very strong, but I don’t really understand how Jessica resisting the power of nature turned into her throwing herself onto Will’s back.  Ah well.  It was certainly well danced.  I enjoyed Zack and Mackenzie’s Broadway more (though perhaps not as much as Zack’s amazing tap solo, which was – if you’ll pardon the pun – a thriller).

Of course you can guess that I’m so tremendously and thoroughly disappointed in seeing Tanisha leave.  She’s so good!  Last week’s routine was brilliant, this week’s routine was brilliant…  Ugh. I’m sorry to see Rudy go, too – although honestly I can’t be super surprised that ballroom did them both in.  That happens. Ballroom happens. It’s lousy, though; if it were up to me, I’d have eliminated Jacque with Rudy instead, but like Bridget and Emilio, the former partners lefts as a pair. Just odd. And wow, what a puddle Rudy was!  All season Cat has had her laugh, calling Rudy Scarlett O’Hara, but she did him justice with that joke; those were some impressive waterworks, starting before Cat called the endangered dancers to the stage.  (And how funny the contrast to Jacque, beaming to find out that she escaped elimination with nary a thought for her weeping boyfriend.)

For the last several years I’ve loved the winners, so it’s oddly deflating to lose my favorite dancers – Tanisha and Carly –  weeks before the finale.  I guess it’s good that I picked this year to go on vacation, huh?  Though we haven’t really heard specifics, it sounds like this year there’s only going to be one winner.  I prefer the two winner system, but since my favorites are already gone, I’m not sure I care whether Jessica or Ricky takes the top spot.  I think Ricky’s great, don’t get me wrong, and Jessica has definitely hit her stride at the right time, but somehow I’m just not on the train with them. I will certainly be curious to see if Valerie or Casey  – or, even more surprising, Zack or Jacque – can sneak past those formidable judges’ favorites.

Feel free to let me know if I’m wrong and the producers are continuing the two winner format.  Just remember I’m not ignoring you when I don’t respond right away.  Have a fabulous couple of weeks, and I’ll check in right after the finale!

2 comments on “So You Think You Can Dance: Season 11, Top Eight

  1. MMGF says:

    Do you really think that *Jessica* is the top girl right now? I guess it’s a little open now that Tanisha’s gone. Gosh, I couldn’t have been more shocked when, after calling Rudy and Tanisha forward, Cat announced that THEY were the ones eliminated. It seemed like such a set-up for Casey and Jacque to be going home.

    In any case, I’m tempted to think that people just love Valerie, and she’s the female front-runner. She and Ricky are the only ones left who have never been in the bottom. And after the judges tried so hard to knock her down there last week, for her to be safe was surprising. Unless, if I go to my conspiracy theory place, they then did the opposite this week, hoping that people will NOT vote for her, thinking she’ll be safe. I mean, not that I think the judges don’t love her – I just think they’d prefer someone else win. While I very much enjoyed her performance this week, I certainly thought she had a lot more problems than she did last week. And we know how much they adore Jessica (although I can’t quite get myself all-in with her, for some reason.)

    Not that any of it matters. I can’t see any way that Ricky loses. Like you, he doesn’t *quite* do it for me. I’m not sure why. He’s enthusiastic, he’s a wonderful dancer, he’s energetic. But… I just don’t FEEL when he’s dancing, I guess. Maybe it’s my own fault; maybe I just can’t resolve the dichotomy of his serious, intense-but-effortless dancing with his jumpy, triple-espresso-shot-on-crack, monkey man personality?

    Really, I’d love to see two winners, and have those be Valerie and Zach. Not that two tappers are going to win. We’ve had, what, one in any finale ever? Aaron last year? Of course… we did get two ballet winners just a couple of seasons ago, after never having a ballet dancer get anywhere near a finale….

    • E says:

      I’d love to see Valerie and Zack win! I don’t so much think Jessica’s the top girl as the judges favorite girl. I do think Ricky is brilliant, but I feel like the show hasn’t used him as well as I thought it would. He hasn’t had the chance to do much that’s truly weird.

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