Golden Globe Post-Mortem 2014

E: So that was illuminating, in the sense that it showed us there really is no consensus.

Now, maybe things will straighten out between now and the Oscars, but maybe this is going to be one of those year where there just isn’t one clear winner.  I’m thinking of the year 2001, when Steven Soderbergh won the director trophy for Traffic and Gladiator won best picture, even more than 2005 where Hollywood wimped out on celebrating Brokeback Mountain and split director and best film, or certainly last year’s dissonance with Ben Affleck getting snubbed for a nomination.

In other news, last night’s show was just plain fun.  Tina Fey and Golden Globe winner Amy Poehler were hilarious all night long.  Who didn’t laugh at that George Clooney joke?  Just amazing.  Let’s talk about how it went down, with the emphasis on film.

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The Golden Globes Preview

E:  Hey guys!  Just a few quick words about tonight’s Golden Globe awards, the show that best combines prestige,  celebrity and flat out fun.  I expect returning host Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to kill it once again, so there’s that to look forward to as well as the usual parade of gorgeous or terrible dresses, and heartfelt or boring speeches. And perhaps most importantly, at least from my perspective, there’s a lot we can learn about the Oscars from this telecast.  Every winner immediately becomes the front runner – at least until the nominations, with their shocking snubs and surprise inclusions, come out on Thursday.  Who’s got the edge?  The Globes are particularly useful from an Oscar-watching perspective, because they bridge the gap between the critics awards and the upcoming guild awards.  And yes, I know that the Hollywood Foreign Press are critics, but they’re also much closer to being Hollywood insiders. Up until now, we’ve seen what people who think about movies think about 2013’s crop.  Tonight, we start to get a glimpse of what Hollywood want us to think about 2013’s films.  Let’s discuss.

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The Good Wife: Goliath and David

E: Maybe this makes me the world’s biggest dork, but copyright law intrigues me.  So you can imagine, given that, how much I loved this week’s ripped- from-the-headlines case.  Really, everything about this episode came together for me – the continuing rivalry between the two firms, the evolving relationships between Will and Diane and Cary and Alicia, the plot twists for the future!  And oh.  There’s so much to feed on here, so many small details that come out big on the other side – the wording of the title, the varying plays on friendship, on romance, on names, on the whole concept of ownership of intellectual property.  On the very idea of memory and change, the way we as individuals subvert other people’s concepts of us, the way we transform ourselves.  Did I approve every choice a character made?  Hell no.  Does it matter to my enjoyment of the show?  Not even a little bit.

What it all adds up to is this: season five is the bomb.  Everything about this show continues to operate at an impossibly high level.

Oh.  And?  I cannot stop singing that damned ridiculous song.

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January 2014 Movie Preview

E: Or, a list of movies I won’t see while catching up on all the Oscar films released in November and December.

M: Including the ones that only got released in L.A. and New York that will just be coming to theaters now, which somehow makes them “last year” movies, at least as far as awards are concerned. Which is Crap with a capital C. But I digress. Let’s just say, January is a bit barren of good things we haven’t already talked about.

E: Exactly. It doesn’t mean there’s not a ton in the theater you want to see  — I’m just scrambling to find actual new releases to put on this list.  Still, when you scrape the bottom of the barrel, a few moderately interesting films do float up.

C: Gee, that makes them sound so appetizing.

M: Mmmmmmm… moderately interesting!

E: So interesting that you forgot the month had started and are only now joining our conversation, M…

M: Oh sure, don’t call or mention it when we’re together in person, use the wrong email address and then blame me. Fine. Let’s get to the tasty offerings…

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